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  1. Thanks a lot for the link. I beg your pardon, did not find this topic with an answer before. Then I ask the moderators to delete my topic.
  2. Hello. The "NW/ STRG" switch is in the "OFF" position, but when taxiing, the plane still turns. The missing animation is the rotation of the nose gear (nose wheels). Although the aircraft should not turn when the nose gear (nose wheels) is turned off. Can you please tell me if this bug will be corrected?
  3. I think we are very much tied to clients from the USA, since the bulk of buyers are there and Aerosoft does it all on their preferences. So I think that we will not see the release before the morning-lunchtime US time. And this will be evening European time.
  4. I understand that some people are unhappy in anticipation of news, but I would like to express support for Mathijs so that he does not worry and does not worry about the messages. I already know that for a long time and now nothing depends on Aerosoft, since they have done their job a long time ago, but depends on others. Therefore, if it were possible, they would have made a release in their store long ago, independently of the others, sending everyone to hell. But in this case, nothing depends on them. Dear Mathijs, I am glad that you are not angry with people from the forum who are waiting. Strength and peace of mind! We are with you. I'm sorry, I just wanted to show you support and understanding. Thanks for your work!
  5. That's for sure. The message from Mathijs may also appear at 23:59 German time.
  6. I apologize for the offtopic, but when I was a schoolboy, I somehow came to a shop for a beer, and there the seller asked me: "- Isn't it early?" (Apparently referring to my age). To which I replied: "- No, it's not early, already 11 am ". )) So the developers can have a beer in the morning and then announce the date to us in a good mood.
  7. I fully support you. Wise people will do just that. In order not to wait for updates for 2 weeks from the Microsoft store later. While Aerosoft delivers them instantly as a manufacturer.
  8. I fully support you. If I see such people on other forums or on social networks asking for this, then I'll just send them to go play the Sims. Otherwise it is simply amazing that people distract you from real work with such nonsense. Previously, we all just dreamed about the view on the wing, prayed to God for it to be, to watch the beauty from the plane and were very happy when it was present in the model. And now people just demand nonsense. Well, just go and play Sims if you need people.
  9. Thank you so much for this amazing news! I am very glad that this will happen. I alltime dreamed of drawing the livery of his favorite airline for this plane. I'm just happy with your news. Now I don't have to spend 3 years learning the 3D-blender and asking for the original plane files. Thank!
  10. Oh my God. Also the media stars... I think that we are already warmed up enough that we don't need any media. Just give a release. Marketers have tightened up the heating too much, it is already starting to get bored. The quieter the release is, the more desirable it is. And not when hundreds of pages of expectations.
  11. It's because all CRJ pilots are super professionals. I still wonder how they manage to land the plane so smoothly, literally hovering with their wheels 5 cm from the ground and then smoothly touch. Ground the plane to the ground ("grind the plane"). Especially on CRJ-200. That in reality, when I flew himself, that watching a video of landings. And this despite the fact that the plane is dynamic. Therefore, there is no compression there, that they always plant very softly, masterfully. Many thanks to all real CRJ pilots. The best thing I like to do in life is to fly the CRJ-200 as a passenger.
  12. Got it. I am grateful for the clarifications and agree. Hopefully the potential of the simulator hasn't really been unleashed with the help of professional aircraft designers until they have released their products. And they can use all the tools in the simulator and do it right. I am glad that in this simulator it really is possible to change everything on the fly, in the process of releasing new versions, and not as in previous versions (FSX, P3D), where only the initial physics is made and forever. Once again I ask you to forgive me for the criticism. I really want things to improve and be good, and I don't want to be misunderstood. I just want to make sure that not all difficulties fall on the aircraft developers.
  13. Thank you very much for your answer! I really hope that the dynamics and physics will really be excellent. I will be very happy. I see an negative reaction and a "downvote" response to my mentions about the bad physics of the simulator and I don't understand why such a reaction. Either people are not real pilots and do not understand what the physics of the plane should actually be and do not see the simulator bugs, or I am mistaken. I apologize if I'm wrong. But I also take the opinion of real pilots about the default physics. And opinions are different. Many people agree with me. And my negative impression about the physics and dynamics of the simulator, I will blame on the fact that there have not yet been really good models with the correct flight dynamics. In any case, I am very glad that real pilots confirm that the CRJ is as close to reality as possible and it will be the best plane in the simulator.
  14. Is it true that the aircraft has its own flight model? Haven't heard this before. Does this mean your own model like the Majestic Q400? Or is it somehow done differently? If so, then this is very cool. Since the sim flight model is unrealistic and bad. I would like to hear confirmation that the aircraft really has its own flight model and response to air, etc.
  15. Thank you very much for your answer. I beg your pardon for not seeing your answer earlier, in the future I will be more attentive. Yes, it's a pity that the creation of liveries has become so difficult. Previously, anyone more or less proficient in Photoshop could draw a livery for an airplane, but now, due to the difficulties, it is necessary to cover the 3D model from scratch, which is much very difficult.
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