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  1. I look forward to a high-poly rendition of Hans in the cockpit of a twotter...
  2. In reality, the -400 is not much different to the -300 line up. It's merely a "refresh" of what's already core to the Twin Otter ethos. Better fittings for modern avionic suites... improvements mechanically to little things here and there. Ultimately, you'd get the same sim experience as you would with the -300. You have to also remember that there will probably be addons available that would swap out the steam gauges for modern avionics anyway (and they do exist currently for MSFS and are wildly popular). So to develop something that someone else already has done for them... seems fruitless. Ultimately, a Twin Otter Extended would be the sensible business decision to make with this series, and as a twotter pilot I may be a bit biased.... but I do like to see all of the "little things" that would possibly be included in a higher-tier future release!
  3. How about a Cayman Airways Express livery? Perhaps on the more complex side, but a beauty nonetheless.
  4. Pretty sure on a previous video you mentioned "Aerosofts procedure" was to turn APU off at or before FL100, which didn't happen.
  5. Correct - it is updated weekly, on Thursdays. It would make sense to coincide with a Thursday 😅
  6. Have been following the progress on this for quite some time - as an Otter capt. I rest easy knowing this is shaping up to be something fantastic.
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