We are looking for two additional A330 pilots to join our advisory team.Β  We will ask for credentials (sorry for that), but if you are willing to assist contact us on mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com

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  1. Thanks, I didn't pay attention on that checklist πŸ˜… In fact it is also in the ingame checklist, but I expected to have a switcher to shut off like in other airplanes.
  2. Thanks! Some info I found: https://skybrary.aero/articles/condition-lever
  3. Hello, Maybe it is a dumb question but what is the proper way to stop the engines? I don't remember any mention about it on the manual. At the moment I do it cutting the fuel flow with red levers.
  4. Hi, I've read in the manual that under 4ΒΊC I should use deice and anti-ice systems, but I don't find a instrument to check external temperature. Is there a instrument to check it and I don't find it? How do I know when I have to use deice and anti-ice systems? Thanks in advance.
  5. Aerosoft & @Mathijs Kok we know it was a huge effort to do this manual. I'm enjoying it very much and it is quite complete at the same time not overloaded, just an accurated overview to every area. I loved as well knowing the history of Twin Otters Before start flying my Twin Otter I wanted to read the whole manual, and after enjoying it for 5 days I'll be ready soon to fly 😎 Congratulations for it!
  6. Yes I did. I searched by Aerosoft or Twin Otter and found nothing, but now I see there is a DHC6-300 from January πŸ˜… I guess I will use it as well for the DHC6-100. Thanks for making me review it twice!
  7. Does someone have this info to fill the Little NavMap Twin Otter profile? Fuel units Fuel type (avgas / jetfuel) Usable fuel Reserve fuel Taxi fuel Extra fuel Contingency fuel Average climb speed Average vertical climb speed Average fuel flow for climb Cruise speed at typical cruise altitude Fuel flow in cruise Average descent speed Average vertical descent speed Average fuel flow for descent Average speed for alternate Average fuel flow for alternate
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