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  1. How do I do that? And without over-riding existing paint scheme?
  2. Peter, my CumulusX! is a freeware version as I'm trying it out, and have been for 2 months. And I am running on Windows 7 BOOTCAMP on iMac. I will refly the mission @ minden-tahoe and attach the saved flight files if I have the time as I'm very busy.
  3. Just for an update, it did no good. I installed acceleration, then Discus X, but still hangs up and shuts down... That's it, I give up! I'm gonna buy a real Discus second-handed!
  4. Installing acceleration

  5. Joachim, I have done that. And 3-4 times, same results. As if Discus X is allergic to SP2 or something..... I might try acceleration this time, I forgot... And no, when I was talking about flight dynamics, that was flying it in FSX and SP1, but doesn't work in SP2....
  6. I think it's fine. About to get lessons next month, I'll see if I can contrast handling between a doppel seater ASK21 in real and FSX.
  7. Well, I wanted to tryout something epic in my simulated gliding career.... Set my flight at 5:30 AM in the morning, I thought of riding the Minden ridges to a high altitude to watch the sunrise. I set winds to 36 kts and I took off, calling a tow plane to tow my DG. Released over the ridge, but after a good 30 seconds, it was weird. I was on the side the wind was blowing into the mountain ridge. And yet, I was getting negative vertical speed, and suddenly, it was whaco. Extreme lift switched with strong downdraft, off and on, off and on. Then at, times, just pure extreme downdraft! What a way to ruin your soaring day.... Is there some regards of CumulusX! having problems with night flying? I know thermals NEED the ground to warm up in mid-day, but I mean, if strong winds blow in the middle of the night in Minden or Omarama or anywhere with mountains, there can still be ridge lift and wave at night right? Or is it something to do with Minden's ridges that effect the calculations? Thanks anyways...! PS: Thanks to Peter for creating CumulusX! It has totally changed my soaring experience in FSX!
  8. Hello, I'm new to aerosoft forums, and I've been having a difficult situation that I can't figure out. As you know, Cumulusx! and WinchX don't work without SP2. I currently have FSX Deluxe and I downloaded Discus X, and it worked all right. Installed SP1, no problem. But CumulusX! & WinchX!, no avail. Installed SP2, got what I wanted, they both worked all right. I have Win7 and I ran both of them through administrator. But, when I selected the Discus X(B,BT,BM), the 3D model that is spinning DOESN'T SPIN, then, a window popps up checking for errors in FSX, and then, it changes to "Windows can't figure out the problem and needs to close". I tried re-installing DiscusX, didn't solved it. Re-installed the WHOLE FSX, and worked my way up again, still the same... Is there any help? I seriously need a self launcher!
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