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  1. Hello, I can see the documents for the A330 are pulled from the A320s, but several items are not listed in my manual. VF chaseplane has no details in the manual, nor any mention what sync displays does in connected cockpit. The manual states there is a GSX option, but my plane shows nothing? am I to assume this is a bug, or has something changed? I just purchased my first addon from you, and find the aircraft either underdocumented, or incorrectly documented. The manual doesnt even state A330, it lists the A320s. how much of this plane is really a cookie cutter for it to really be that bad? I get that an Airbus is an Airbus, but you could seriously do better. I have seen plenty about upholding a certain level of SOP realism but dang! I cant even use the manuals because they are for the A320s,and I am flying the A330! Also GSX push is not under checklist, it is under ground services! What else will I dig up from the documents? only time will tell! Manual version A318/A319/A320/A321 Professional The A318/A319/A320/A321 In P3D Vol 1 01-03-19 15 October 2020 006 15 October, 202 exp
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