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  1. I still cannot get Honeycomb to show on my add-ons menu. I followed the steps in MrJaraNet video to load profiles and activate them, with no luck.
  2. Suddenly, both CRJ 550 and 700 are dark. Battery on, EFB is dark and cannot be turned on. I don't have simconnect.cfg file. Any help will be appreciated. Faisal.
  3. Same here. I set alt to 31000 and climbed via both vs and speed but on both occasions the aircraft climbs to 31200 and stays there with ALTS CAP in green.
  4. I managed to log in. but know I don't see my purchased items for instant download. I have lately changed my email address in the account. Faisal
  5. Hi, Today I tried several time to log in to my account in the shop but I keep getting the following message: Your access data could not be assigned to a user Regards, Faisal
  6. I flew the CRJ 700 today and no issues at all. I will try the CRJ900 later and see if the issue is still there.
  7. None of the above except the desired VS value changed by itself.
  8. Hi Metzgergva, Aircraft: CRJ 900 and 1000 Pro Decent speed: 200 - 220 kts Happened the two times I flew the aircraft. Hardware: HoneyComb Alpha Flight Yoke and TQ6 PLUS throttle. Connected via USB.
  9. I forgot to mention that I am using CRJ Pro.
  10. Good Day, During descend using VS command, the trim goes full up and the aircraft starts sinking. Speed is within limits. The aircraft is properly loaded and CG is within limits. Would appreciate in thoughts on this. Regards, Faisal.
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