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  1. Not on mine no. I did flick it a few times but not the issue for me. Hopefully the above posters comment fixes it as I know all of my alpha and bravo switches are in the off positions. Looking forward to testing it out later tonight.
  2. I have the same issue. I hit ap but it immediately disconnects. I also have the Honeycomb yoke and throttle. Hopefully your tips fixes it for me. Will test tonight. Thanks for posting this as it was starting to drive me mad as I like you have tried everything following all the videos etc.
  3. Well Amazon UK did come good it seems for those that got their orders in very very early last year. 22nd June for me. It seems that anyone who received the email saying 1st of March delivery got lucky and received their Bravo after all. It was delivered to me today from Amazon uk around lunchtime.
  4. Well I don't believe it! My Amazon UK order has indeed been dispatched and will be with me tomorrow. I think it is safe to say that anyone with the 1st of March email delivery date should be getting their Bravo from Amazon UK!
  5. distributer did get some end of January. Hopefully they will start shipping after 28 Feb (as per Amazon's release date) and I don't have to wait until April or May. Bernie is correct with mid June for my UK pre-order. Again if it arrives i will be amazed! I am fully expecting to receive another email in the coming weeks saying it has been further delayed. But i have everything crossed in the hope that it does arrive. I will keep this thread updated if i receive any more updates from Amazon UK.
  6. I have recieved an email from Amazon UK saying that i should be receiving it for the 1st of March. It also says arriving on the 1st of March in my account now. Now if it does arrive or not is another matter but atleast i seem to be one of a very few who have received this updated info/email from Amazon UK. Hoping this means that i might have been lucky and placed my order early enough as there are a fair few after me who have not received this email that was sent from Amazon UK a few weeks back.
  7. The latest from Amazon UK for those who got a pre order in early enough is the 1st of March
  8. Well my Pre-Order was placed mid June and i recived the email. To be honest though at this stage i am half expecting come the first of March or just before it to be punted back onto the Amazon email train with a new date for mid March then April then not sure when we will receive it....
  9. I think you may be onto something here. My Pre-Order with Amazon UK was placed last June. I have just received another update by email from Amazon with an estimated delivery date of the first of March. Bit of a joke this and someone from Aerosoft/Honeycomb has messed up here for sure. I don't think Amazon is to blame for this.
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