We are looking for two additional A330 pilots to join our advisory team.  We will ask for credentials (sorry for that), but if you are willing to assist contact us on mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com

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  1. Hi, Did anyone know a way, how to model match the Twin Otter in MSFS when flying online via the Vatsim Network ? Today I flew some rounds between SXM-SBH and there were some other Twotter pilots around and everyone of them was shown as an A330. Strange to see 3 A330 at SBH. I asked them if they have an solution but they have the same problem like I and everyone else has.
  2. I just flew TNCM-TFFJ-TNCS-TNCM. On the first two flights the AP worked fine and I was was able to hold the selected ALT of 1,300ft. On the last leg I wasn’t able to hold the ALT at all. It always pitched down and I would have ditched into the water if I didn’t took manual control of the aircraft.
  3. YetiAir

    TARA Air

    Hi, I saw that some Aerosoft testers already had a TARA Air livery for the Twin Otter, which wasn't included in the package. Regards
  4. Hi, After a few months of absence I just got ehe 900/1000 extension and somehow I´m unable to center by heading. When pushing on the button nothing happened compared to the CRJ550/700. EDIT: It´s strange, as I need to click like 30-40 times on the button (left mouse klick) and then it works once.
  5. Yesterday for example I flew EKCH-EDDL with this route from Simbrief: NEXEN T503 GIMRU MIC KEGAB UZ706 MOBSA L980 OSN M170 HMM T851 XAMOD For all VOR waypoints I wasn't able to get those in the FMC via the FPLN page. Didn't know, that you can enter them also via the LEGS page. Will try it later on today. Yes, I'm using the normal Aerosoft nav database and I don't have any addons such as Navigraph.
  6. That‘s not working. It always says, NOT FOUND. And that’s not the only VOR which I can’t insert. It’s basically all VOR waypoints.
  7. What does RSK3 means ? (or where can I find it?) Sorry if this question is stupid. Just tried to insert it below the other waypoint which is not working.
  8. Would really appreciate some help to get those waypoints into my FMC.
  9. Anyone knows, how to pur a VOR-DME in the flightplan ? Like ELBE (LBE), CHARLIE (CHA) or SPESSART (PSA). I always have those in my flightplan and I can‘t enter them as 3 letters are not accepted. How can I solve this or is there any special trick without using the frequencie ?
  10. Thanks ! C ALT is not stable at 4.600 at FL310.
  11. C ALT is again getting red and is increasing. Andy advice please ?
  12. Hi, can anybody say what a normal cabin alt and when it stops increasing ? Yesterday I had some red number and did an emergency descend from FL360. Nor I'm on FL260 and the cabin alt is also increasing fast. Unbenannt 1.bmp
  13. How can I turn on some lights on the AP panel ? I'm completly lost as everything is dark. Unbenannt 16.bmp
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