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  1. Thanks @Hans Hartmann otherwise from my issue, everything else working great.
  2. @Mathijs Kok @Hans Hartmann Got it working, so what was happening was on the EFB the default state was in 'turnaround', so when I clicked cold and dark and turned on the battery the yellow bars didn't change. However, I changed the default state to 'cold and dark' and it is now working fine. Thanks
  3. Tried the above and reading the tutorial, still no luck. It seems when I first load into the flight sim the door says off, however as soon as I go into cold and dark the yellow bars don't change no matter how many times I change from turn around and back to cold and dark.
  4. Hi @Hans Hartmann and @Mathijs Kok have followed the videos, however I have been waiting for the last 20 minutes for the yellow bars to turn into the word clsd and still no luck? Thanks for the reply
  5. Hi All, Hope someone can help. This is more then likely something I am doing wrong, but any help is appreciated. When I load into the aircraft and select cold and dark and turn on the battery I still have no APU showing if the door is open or closed on the STAT page, so I can't turn on the APU, see image attached. Any help is appreciated, thanks
  6. Yes @Mathijs Kok how is everyone at Aerosoft tonight, will it be a late night or is everything out of your hands now and your just waiting like the rest of us for the big day. Looking forward .
  7. For people buying tomorrow, just a reminder @Mathijs Kokdid say when the aircraft is first loading into the simulator it can take around 10+ minutes to load, even on a strong system. Don’t forget that, before posting on the forum . Really looking forward to the release - can’t believe the two weeks are up tomorrow!
  8. @Mathijs Kok will we find out today when reviewers are getting this marvellous aircraft?
  9. @The Dude Two great videos today, can we except another one tomorrow? Thanks
  10. There is another video being released later today of take off
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