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  1. Well thats an interesting point made. As I noticed a small note saying they will send an email when the order has been accepted. That statement makes me nervous. But logically thinking, I guess it might be due to the OMS processing the orders against the actual stock. So I am not 100% sure yet. 10:10. I spoke to Cust Svc and they confirmed the next day delivery dispatch. So I will cancel my Scan order so that will hopefully help others get theirs quicker. Finally, a note to you @Mathijs Kok and @Marius Ellenbürger. Thank you for allow us to have a voice h
  2. Yes, I still have my pre-order with Scan, that was ordered in March. I would be pretty upset if Amazon also got stock now. Just got to wait it out now. It's the same for the latest Graphics cards, they are selling in a matter of minutes (at the most). oh well.
  3. I ordered just very quickly after it was mentioned here on the 16th, I have just been talking with Scan and I am not getting my order as there was not enough stock with no ETA on the next shipment. "okay so it looks like this is a pre ordered item, unfortunately it appears that we have received stock, however we have not received enough stock to cover everyone in the queue, we are awaiting more stock to arrive, however we don't currently have an ETA too advise when, although our purchasing team are chasing up in order to provide an estimate" I asked how these pre-order
  4. Jake_Mazar, Good for you if you do receive it, but like someone else mentioned, how on earth do these other companies get stock, when companies like Scan do not get them. 😞
  5. Hi Mathijs, Marius. I am ashamed and disgusted that such offensive and personal comments are made, and sadly, this equates to a very small % of people in general. I think it goes to show how much hate and selfish people can be, especially over a product that is aimed to bring enjoyment to those who purchase it. I very much doubt that person has any regret or guilty feeling once they receive their product, because that's the type of person they are. I am sorry for your hurt feelings for you and your team, this is not acceptable by any means. Kind Regards, Col
  6. I am not sure Scan could do that. My reason being is that probably like you, I actually paid in full for the device back in March. Whereas Amazon didn't take any money, but still Amazon cancelled my order some 6 months later. The bad part about this is the back of the queue issue on future orders. If Scan cancelled our orders, how on earth would they be able to compensate for the loss of interest. Maybe a good will gesture, but it would leave a sour taste all the same. I dont even know if Honeycomb are making these devices at all at the moment if there is such a sho
  7. Good morning Mathijs, Do you have visibility of incoming containers and what time scales for the next batch? Also, to the best of your knowledge, are Honeycomb still producing the throttles, or is the production line on hold, until enough components are available? Thank you kindly. Colin.
  8. Just an update from me. I received an email update from Amazon stating they are told this product is no longer available and Amazon has cancelled my order. So, that just leaves me with my other order from another company.
  9. Well, I just got my Quarterly update email from Amazon, which basically says, they are still trying to obtain the items we ordered in Sept. But no updates from Scan. So I figured that its the same delay with Scan. I have no gripes with the guys here, its a global problem, rather than Aerosoft, so be nice people, we're all in the same cockpit, which is a little cosy. 🙂
  10. Sorry guys, not really been watching this week. I checked the scan status and confirm the same, you cannot even order it now. I had no email updates, the order just states awaiting picking. So I will just give it another month and see what happens. 😞
  11. Just to update you both, I have just had a chat session with Scan, they are expecting stock to be replenished on the 26th, so IF that actually happens, then hopefully some of us might get the throttle in the following days. I asked if they would have sufficient stock to cover the pre-orders, but I was told, they dont have visibility of incoming stock quantities. I would suspect, this information is detailed on their logistics systems, but not on a support group. We just have to wait for that email confirmation now. Regards, Colin.
  12. I think its been mentioned before, Marius cannot comment on the stock for other distribution channels like Amazon, Scan etc. Keep in mind, those are 'clients' to Aerosoft. I dont hold out much hope for Amazon, tbh, but Scan already cashed the money some time ago, so hopefully, it will come soon.
  13. I appreciate that Marius cannot comment, but if there are other Scan or Amazon UK members on here, please share if you get an order update. Nothing from my Scan or Amazon as yet. Fingers Crossed. Thanks.,
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