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  1. Throttle 1 is set to Joystick R - Axis Z Throttle 2 is set to Joystick R - Axis Y Throttle 1 decrease is set to Joystick Button 10 Throttle 2 decrease is set to Joystick Button 11 No other Throttle settings are bonded.
  2. I have been trying to calibrate my Bravo and everything works fine until I get to step 8. When I move the throttleson the Bravo they do not move in the CRJ. The same is true for the Thrust Reversers. The Spoiler, Flaps and Trim Wheel work as listed. I have double checke the setting listed before step 8 and everything matches what is listed. I am at whits end on what is wrong. Anyone with suggestions. I have version installed.
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