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  1. On your joystick there should be buttons that trim up and down, remove them. Also, check your options> controls> key and axis assignments and remove anything related to trim as you do not require them (the joy of flying airbus). About the only time I haven't seen this issue is when you fly out of a stock airport with no weather and no other 3rd party add-ons running (RC4, Volanta, aitraffic management, etc), which makes me wonder if there's a memory issue causing the trim inputs to become too erratic due to lag. Due to no weather, there is very little trim movement. I had the same problems and this fixed it... Good Luck
  2. Hello All Try switching off the trim wheel on you joystick. If your joystick is very sensitive it will cause a up and down (porpoise) motion. It goes away when the autopilot is off. Happy Flying
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