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  1. This was an official bug at Microsoft in November https://forums.flightsimulator.com/search?q=CoherentUIGT
  2. So no SMFS crashing today so far. I removed a conflicting Logitech Joystick and flew the Cessna 152 on about 15 patterns in MSFS Pilot training area and used only throttle and mixture on the Bravo. Later I will try some patterns with Cessna 172 GL1000. I can't find a pattern that consistently crashes MSFC.
  3. Addition info: Running MSFC in Ultra mode for most settings. Have the HoneyComb yoke and the HoneyComb Bravo Throttle. I downloaded latest drivers from HoneyComb drivers Jan 18th. All LED and controls seem to work fine. I also use the HoneyComb devices with X-Plane with no issues so far. System Info: Intel Ten Core i9 10900K Processor Intel Z490 Chipset Motherboard 128 Gigabytes of DDR-4 3600MHz RAM 4 Terabyte NVME Solid State Hard Drive at 3500MB/s (SSD) Nvidia RTX 3090 GPU with 24GB GDDR6X
  4. Yes I made no change to AFC_Bridge. In fact I believe I used the ALT select and VS Select during the successful flight
  5. On a night flight in Cessna SkyHawk G1000 I entered a FlightPlan during flight to land in Melborne FL. I used the Bravo Throttle to select NAV and all seemed to be working after about 10 mins the Screen Frozen and a couple mins later MSFS crashed and I got a dialog AFCBridge - SimConnect failed to CallDispatch. Had made many Cessna 152 VFR flights today with no issues. After rebooting, I tried the same flight this time entering a Flight Plan prior to takeoff and using the on screen G1000 buttons instead of Bravo buttons. No issues reported. I do have a crash dump file for the MSFS crash
  6. While I was reporting the AFC Bridge failed to call Dispatch Error that had just crashed my MSFS flight. I again got the dialog box with the same error. MSFC had previously crashed and Nothing was running in foreground.
  7. So I started getting this error (AFCBridge SimConnect failed to call dispatch" this morning after flying MSFC all day yesterday without any errors. It starting during first flight today with Cessna 152 in Pilot training.
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