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  1. I have the same problem, really unfortunate. I'm really getting depressed flying this plane, I understood the CDU limitations before I bought the product... but for $40 I was really hoping for something fun to fly and I'm just not having a fun time flying this aircraft. I too was under the impression that the FBW system was a seperate from the Microsoft version. I'm afraid this plane is going to the bone yard fast. I do agree the visual exterior is great and the cockpit looks good but I'm just gonna have to delete my airplane (accept $40 loss) and wait for someone else to produce a good Airbus. I really think $40 is too much to be asking for this airplane. Aerosoft has a good reputation and I have alot of their products. I've been very loyal in holding out for this aircraft, but I feel like I've been taken on this product and my money has really went to waste. I'm really bummed out. I just downloaded the update and I all I got was 2 files with no auto install or no instructions in the readme file on how to install. Franz
  2. Thanks Shaun, I believe it may have been something to do with my rudder pedal sensitivity settings. All is working now including disengaging the autobrakes by tapping the brakes on rollout. Franz
  3. I'm having the same issue, autopilot and auto throttle are off and at 100ft AGL, the aircraft does an uncommanded pitch down. Not fun. Franz
  4. Hi, I set the autobrakes to max on approach, my spoilers are armed and I have hydraulic pumps going but on touchdown, my spoilers deploy but the auto brakes won't engage. I've tried several attempts at this with no luck. Is there anything I'm missing? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Franz
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