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  1. Ho! YES Mathijs !! Great news ! let us focus to the MCDU ,all the fun flying Airbus is on it ! 'm confident that you will win the bet of doing the best airbus 320 never seen on FSX ! the hard is done, just a little step ,rebuilding the MCDU and you got the gift. For MCDU ,lateral revision ,you know is very important ,as inserting own FIX and the holding path ...etc Ok, Thanks Mathijs .
  2. Please Aerosoft ! ,can you make a 2nd version with real MCDU and let us update with a friendly cost ? Airbus without MCDU is not credible . Let me call who agree with me to start a new post to urge a new version with new real MCDU. Thanks
  3. Vir663


    To AirbusX developpers ,reconsider the MCDU release,after all ServicePacks, the only thing with the FSX limitations or logic will remain the MCDU !! it is not cool simulate to fly an airbus without the logic of is MCDU !, we also emulate an airbus pilot beeing virtual pilot ! ,not only fly from one place to another, so, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ... the airbusX is an excellent product,a must ,i suggest to make a very realistic MCDU and and sell it as an opzional ! Thanks Bye.
  4. Hi, great job !! congratulations ! but have some problems, no way to make lateral revision to insert a route in the flightplan, no departure page to find SIDS nothing happens when i click on LSK to do rev. can you tell me how to procede ? Thanks
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