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  1. Hey, I´m just wondering when we will get new informations or when we can expect some results/updates in that case?
  2. https://docs.flightsimulator.com/html/index.htm#t=Content_Configuration%2FSounds%2FSound_Definitions.htm&rhsearch=sound&rhhlterm=sound&ux=search use: <AdditionalPackage Name="Asobo_KingAir350" />
  3. Oh well, the Sounds that are already recorded are superb! It´s how they work together in the Wwise Projects. Blending needs work, adding Sound Pitch needs work. But looking forward to the final results! Btw. TSS Twotter Soundpack is now already at Sell Charts #11 at SimMarket. XD Fun Fact, all implemented Sounds for the Twin Otter are the same like the TSS Twin Otter Soundpack. I cant understand, why not just giving a Legacy / Wwise combination, as long there are problems with working "only" on Wwise.
  4. Updating now and will check the changes 🙂
  5. https://flightsim.to/file/26712/aerosoft-twin-otter-soundmod-for-rpm-pitch-fix
  6. I dont have the permisson to share,because this Mod contains “TURBINE SOUND STUDIOS - DHC-6 PT-6 TWIN OTTER HD PILOT EDITION SOUNDPACK”, wich was made for the FSX Version and u have to buy it at the Simmarket. -A few steps to do then, put the Soundset files into the Sound folder of the Twotter. -Edit the Sound.xml for Engine 1 and 2, replace the “true” to “false” to mute the sounds of the Wwise Soundbank from the Release Version of the Twotter. -Finally U need to make a new Layout.JSON. Thats all I did to get this mix between the Wwise Sounds and this Legacy Soundset which u need to buy.
  7. As I told, I really like the plane. But the Sound of Version 1.0 , was a disappointment. I really had nothing to do with all this Sound Stuff before, was reading about Wwise and the old Legacy Sound Configs. Was testing around, converted the Wwise into mp3´s to get a Idea of all the 300 Sounds out of the Soundbank. The Sounds are awesome and well recorded, so It was or is just a thing how they work together in the Wwise Config. So I did a small Mod of using the Wwise Sounds and also Twotter Legacy Sounds. It´s not perfect, I´m not a Dev. But here we have a improvement of RPM Stages and Turbine Stages . Did a small demo, no proceeds just focus on Sound. Hope that we will have some kind like this soon.
  8. Thanks you for the Twotter! I really like the plane and looks nice and flies nice, but that sound issues are absolutly not what I expected. When can we expect that sound patch? A bit disappointed at this stage, plane stays grounded till fixed. Could be a 5/5, soon.
  9. Solution so far, to rename or delete the ".clg" files from the Airport AddOn Folders. I renamed them and now It works again with AddOn, Bing Data on and without CTD´s . What these files are for?`Anyway, played all day without ctds 🙂 Maybe a temporary solution for the victims of ctd´s since the last Dev Update.
  10. Same here. Turning off Bing Data, no CTS´s anymore. Since yesterday morning, had CTDs at AddOn Airports, like EDDK, EDDL , EDDM, LEVT , LEIB. Hope there will be a fix from Asobo/Microsoft. Terrible look, withhout Bing Data :D, but tbh, it still works for now.
  11. Okay, Problem beseitigt. Entweder durch Updating oder Rolling Cache Refresh, maybe beides. Läuft auf jedenfall wieder wie vor der CTD Serie 🙂
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