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  1. That worked! I just think it is a little confusing because under the Copy From bar it says Default Profile, by default, so I just thought that that was the Default Throttle. Thanks anyway!
  2. Refreshing the bindings in the AFC_Bridge plugin causes the LEDs to turn off. I cannot seem to assign daatrefs under the laminar/B738 directory to the LEDs. For example, I want to assign the AP light to turn on when the CMD A status is 1 but cannot seem to do so. The gear lights are incorrect in the default and Zibo 737. The Left light corresponds the nose wheel in the sim.
  3. The only way to copy everything over, I found, is to copy the Default_Throttle.json in honeycomb_profiles, Open it up and change "Default Throttle" to whatever you what to name it. Then open the configurator and navigate to "Import Profiles" in the settings and then select the new .json file.
  4. Hello! When I copy the default profile, the LED settings are deleted meaning I have to re-assign every LED. Does this happen to anyone else? Is there a way to fix this? Thanks! Brady
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