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  1. Morning all. I very much appreciate the British Airways livery for the CRJ700 that has been beautifully done by ‘China Leaf’. I’d be extremely pleased if there were a skilful artist out there who would consider doing a BA CRJ900? Love this aircraft! Mike.
  2. Hi Matts. Thanks for your work. I suspect review saying this livery doesn't work may have not realised that this one needs the CFM model? I couldn't get it to work via the texture manager but it's fine when installed manually. There are two other minor issues. 1.The registration label on the panel is for F-WWBA and not for SE-MFA 2.The thumbnail doesn't show in FSX possibly because it's a .png file? I converted it to a .jpg and all was fine. Thanks again Mike
  3. Hi Flying_Sheep. Thanks for the re-paint. Just a comment. Aerosoft have the heading info as a CFM version when of course it's an IAE engined aircraft. Perhaps it's just me but initially I was rather confused. Perhaps they could change it?
  4. Hi Mathijs. I merely posted this question to see if there had been a problem flagged up by other users that there might be an easy work around. I don't have any complaints about Aerosoft at all and certainly don't want to claim any refunds on IcelandX. As most of my flights originate in the UK I use the Earth Simulations scenery quite often and as it's an excellent piece of work I wouldn't wish to uninstall it completely. Through trial and error testing I've found that if I just deselect the Earth Sims scenery in the scenery library before flying to or from Keflavik then I can get around the problem. (It only occurs when originating or inbound to Keflavik and not to/from any other airport in Iceland). Please keep up the good work, (I'm standing by to buy the Dusseldorf scenery when released). I realise these things can occur with FSX add-ons. All the best. Mike
  5. Thanks mopperle. Just tried that and I'm afraid it doesn't solve the problem. I've tried ES above IcelandX and IcelandX above ES. Mike
  6. Hi All. I've just purchased IcelandX and Keflavik from Aerosoft and found I had a similar problem to a previous poster. The problem was that if an attempt was made to start a flight from Keflavik then FSX crashed. Well, I started on a long attempt to find out what the problem was by uninstalling and re-installing the scenery. Checking orders in the scenery library etc. Then I saw the previous post stating that they had found reference to a forum in which another IcelandX user had discovered that the problem was a confliction between IcelandX and an Earth simulations scenery. I have Earth Simulations Guernsey installed. By process of elimination I've found that the problem lies between something inside the file 'IcelandX priority 2' and the Earth Simulations Guernsey file 'EI-CS 3D library'. At this point my meagre knowledge falls down. I've found that if I de-select The EI-CS 3D library file within FSX scenery library then IcelandX will operate normally but I'd really prefer to be able to use all my preferred scenery areas ticked and useable without this problem. Any ideas? Particularly from Aerosoft and Earth Simulations? I'm going to post this on their forum too. Regards. Mike
  7. Hi. Probably something simple that I have/haven't done but....I have installed Cloud9 Bergen and everything is fine with the scenery. However, AES can't recognise it for activation. I notice that this scenery doesn't appear in the 'not installed list' within AES help but does on the written list of airports on the Aerosoft website! Can anyone help? Mike P.S. I've just realised this is my error..D'oh!
  8. Hello all. Please disregard my post. I've just found that I needed to activate the software twice. Once on installation and secondly within the seperate launcher! I've just run the Aerosoft launcher and activated Barcelona X and there they were! Mike
  9. Shaun. Please disregard my post. I've just found that I needed to activate the software twice. Once on installation and secondly within the seperate launcher! I've just run the Aerosoft launcher and activated Barcelona X and there they were! Mike
  10. Hello Shaun. Just posted in the Mega Airports forum.....I have no airbridges. Possibly me? Mike
  11. Oh yes...It's definately the FSX version, relesed today. Mike
  12. Hello All. I've just installed barcelona (FSX) and find I have no airbridges. Is this just me...Everything else appears fine! Mike
  13. That's a dissapointment. The 19L Localiser is slightly misaligned too but fortunately I've got AFX and could resolve that issue. Otherwise it's a very nice piece of work.
  14. Hi There! I've recently purchased Mega airports Stockholm Arlanda (FSX) and have a problem with the taxiway lighting. I have the latest updated version and the lighting patch installed but get this effect with the greens offset from the taxiway centreline light actual locations. Does anyone have any ideas about this? Regards. Mike
  15. MWR

    Airbus X

    KAPTEJNLN. I think Stanner has misunderstood your post and thinks you're accusing him of having an illegal version of Airbus X. Whereas I understand that you're refering to an unregistered version of FSUIPC which, of course, is perfectly legal but with limited functions. Handshakes all round I think.
  16. Thanks Chris. I didn't mean to appear aggressive. Thanks for your info which is very useful as I've posted about this on a number of occassions but yours is the first reply that explains there is an awareness of this issue. I find the 'deselct SEC' option the best at the moment if I'm going to revert to a manual approach as the pitch up is very difficult to smooth out as the push forward is inevitably followed by the FBW system pitching the aircraft nose down so it's extremely difficult to smooth out without spoiling the realism of the flight. I do hope a solution is found as, for me at least, it spoils a very good aircraft.
  17. Chris. Although I'm not sure about all the problems being reported by some users it is not as simple as that. For myself. I can fly the Airbus manually without issues except for one very important problem...At the point I disconnect the autopilot the aircraft pitches up quite strongly before settling back into normal flight. As you can imagine. If you are flying an ILS on autopilot and then revert to manual then you're instantly pitched above the glidepath. Interestingly, if I watch the aircraft from a tail view whilst disconnecting the autopilot I can clearly see the elevators apply a strong pitch up and then slowly adjust themselves to a normal attitude. Now. Whether this is related to a problem with certain systems or input devices, (yokes/joysticks), I don't know but there is an issue. I've flown a number of test flights and looked into this as deeply as I can but get nowhere. Others are suffering from this and have posted in a previous thread. Perhaps it's just me but it is rather annoying to see posts that infer that if you have a problem you just can't fly the aeroplane correctly. As there have been previous issues, now solved, which were system related perhaps this is the same?
  18. Paul. I haven't had a chance to do any test flights at a number of weights but my suspicion, and it's no more than that, is that the pitch up/pitch down may be an aircraft weight phenomenon but the main cause is the aircraft being out of trim when operatig with FBW system engaged. My test flights are at lower altitudes because the problem first manifested itself to me when reverting to a manual ILS approach and getting an immeadiate pitch up. However, the description HenryD gives appears to be exactly what I experienced just that he was in the cruise at the time. The auto trim when the FBW system is engaged appears to be very 'low sensitivity' and the aircraft does recover, (as described by HenryD), but only slowly. I also think this manifests itself in the altitude capture performance of the autopilot when the aircraft tends to react slowly to the altitude capture with a slight fly through to about +250ft or so. It then attempts to level at the selected altitude/Flight level but develops a gentle phugoid until settling spot on the selected altitude/Flight Level. I hope this helps? Regards. Mike Oh! By the way. I meant to add that my system appears to be identical to HenryD. FSX Sp1/2 No Acceleration pack.
  19. HenryD. I'd like to know an answer to that question too. That was why I started the thread as an attempt to indicate that I thought the FBW pitch/trim issue might be behind a couple of the issues posted by other AirbusX users. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to have attracted any Aerosoft interest at all! I don't pretend to be an expert on simulation software but I'd have thought that the fact that the aircraft FBW system has a trim incompatibility problem would affect a number of phases of flight? Mike
  20. Gentlemen...I wonder wether the thread 'FDE issue with FBW system' may contain a clue to why this is happening? Regards. Mike
  21. Hi KAPTEJNLN. If you are flying an aircraft which is on autopilot, wether it is operating on a FBW system or 'analogue' you wouldn't expect to find the aircraft out of trim when disengaging the autopilot would you? Secondly, if you operate entirely on automatic systems there are still many people who are experiencing very heavy landings. (See my experience above, no flare with 700 fpm sink rate). Thirdly. If the only way to operate Airbus X was entirely on automatic systems then it isn't simulating the aircraft as it should. Don't you agree? I have every respect for Aerosoft, but feel there's still a way to go with this one and am trying to help in my own small way. Mike
  22. Very interesting! It would appear that a pitch DOWN is the more common experience. At least we're all experiencing an out of trim experience. My system is also SP1/SP2 but no acceleration pack. I'm also willing to admit that my autoland experiences were not based on a number of tests at different weights and speeds but at very light landing weights and there was no problem on the few I carried out. Obviously from other reports there is a problem. Just for the attention of any Aerosoft people reading this. I'd just like to state that my knowledge of how FDE files are written is pretty minimal! I just decided to post this info to illustrate my findings in the hope that it may produce a constructive conclusion that may assist the Airbus X project. I think it's pretty obvious that if the FBW system doesn't trim the aircraft properly but, just looking at my results, the system then attempts to , very slowly, trim itself to level flight. As I'm currently stuck in the house awaiting a delivery i might have to have a think about this so sorry in advance to those of you are bored already. (lights imaginary pipe in the manner of Sherlock Holmes). Right....Back from some heavier wieght autolands with FBW operating. I see what you mean..my rate of descent on the worst one was 700 fpm down with no discernable flare at all.....Oouch! I also noticed that the autopilot isn't very neat at capturing an altitude. It develops a mild phugoid, (pich up pitch down), which gently dampens out. The trim wheel can be seen chasing the correct attitude. This begs the question..... IF the elevator trim with FBW is lacking sensitivity and IF the elevator trim initiates the flare in the autoland? Are these problems then linked? Any experts? Mike
  23. Good Afternoon all... Since installing 1.20 I've found that many of the problems I had have been solved. However. I suspect there is a problem with the way the Autopilot trims the aircraft when the FBW system is operative. I've carried out a number of test flights as I was rather frustrated that the Airbus would operate when operated on all the autoflight systems but if I wanted to revert to manual control there was an immeadiate pitch up when uncoupling the autopilot. To illustrate what I mean here are the results...These flights are all at a representitive weight and whilst maintaing level flight at the following speeds and configurations. 250kts a/c clean.....on AP disengage....sharp pitch up to 2700 fpm climb with a gentle recovery to level flight. 220kts clean........................................pitch up to 1700 fpm with gentle recovery to level flight. 210kts Flap 1 pitch up to 2000 fpm with gentle recovery to level flight 190kts Flap 2 pitch up to 1700 fpm with gentle recovery to level flight 160 kts Flap 4 pitch up to 1300 fpm with gentle recovery to level flight 160 kts Flap 4 U/C down pitch up to 1500 fpm with recovery to 250 fpm descent. If FBW is disabled this doesn't appear to occur and the aircraft seems trimmed when AP is disconnected. I chose a random add on aircraft from the 'hangar' and flew it under the same conditions, (it doesn't simulate FBW), when in the same configurations the aircraft was perfectly trimmed when the AP was disconnected. Now. I suppose that if you fly the airbus under autoflight conditions at all times this is never going to bother you. However, if you like to hand fly if conditions permit for any period of time you have a problem. Particularly if you like to revert to manual flight in the latter stages of an ILS when the aircaft will immeadiatly pitch up on disconnection of the AP. It would appear that the Airbus X has certain problems on certain systems and flies perfectly on others. Perhaps it's only me? Does anyone else notice this? Regards. MWR
  24. Paul...I agree as I've found after much test flying that if you have the speeds computed correctly then the autoland is fine in 1.20. My problem IS with a manual reversion as the Aerosoft FBW system doesn't seem to trim the aircraft accurately. Perhaps this is something on my system but...On disengaging the autopilot I experience a gentle/moderate pitch up and then at 100ft the accurate, (but very strange to my mind), pitch up to remind you to flare! This makes hand flown approaches a bit of a roller coaster! Interestingly, if I dissengage the FBW system, then the autopilot correctly trims the aircraft so that, on disengaging the autopilot the aircraft is perfectly trimmed! It doesn't do anything about the bizarre flare reminder at 100ft though. Anyone else experiencing this? By the way. I did get the CDT problem but it is directly linked to the FSX sensitivity settings. select most sensitive then CDT. Select 50% No problem, even when you do constant restarts. Mike
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