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  1. best enhancement would be to turn this airbus into a addon plane instead of being a nice looking panel.
  2. it´s aerosoft´s limitiation of building a new plane instead of a panel only.
  3. it has to do with this thread, built your own opinion:
  4. talking about facts: instead of taking a look on what mathijs wrote i took a look in THEIR manual. it says: "The BAT pbs (BAT 1 & BAT 2) are off when in AUTO mode. The batteries will automatically connect when the APU is started without EXT PWR, when voltage drops below 26.5 (to charge) or when the aircraft is on ground and no other electrical sources are available. They will show FAULT when the batteries are disconnected because of a fault. When the pb is clicked OFF will show and the battery will be disconnected." further it says: "The EXT PWR pb will be off when no external power is available. It will show AVAIL when power is available. When pushed ON will show and the external power will be connected to the aircraft buses" this is not happening in the bus because even with external power set to on the batteries discharge and it gets dark in the cockpit no matter if external power is on or not + the external power is not availble if the batterys are it´s a clear bug. i don´t care what they have to reprogram or to do to solve i said other companys did solve this problem (if there really is one) too.this is not my job but theirs. i and several other people paid money to them for doing their job. the manual offers something they don´t offer. and their "workaround" is simply another easy way of turning things they made wrong or buggy into their advantage of not caring about it and don´t spent time and money for it. and this still remains my personal feeling which nobody needs to share makes me sad, in my eyes, them poor and if they don´t change their opnion on this also angry. i don´t need to have insight in their company philosophy or "their very publically stated goals for this project" but i have eyes to see that they programmed something that is not working the way they state in their own manual. i have another nice workaround for all remaining bugs ala aerosoft: buy the bus, and don´t use it like the external you will never have any trouble with it. oh funny while i write this it reminds me:they already told us to leave it in the hangar ...funny hm?
  5. dear aerosoft, why do other addons work like they should? ext. power means external power.means no battery drain. the funny thing is in your bus the batterys drain even if they are switched to off. and your workaround solution is as funny as your whole statement regarding this problem.why do you implement external power if you recommend to not use it????? another sign that you simply don´t want to give more work to the system then to the good look of bus. this and your behaviour towards this problem is simply poor and sad.
  6. ah so another delay? so your post about next friday wasn´t that good joke?
  7. no, i´m sorry i don´t know what you are saying
  8. bad strategy from aerosoft to release a service pack one day after the weekend, where people have no time to check it like on a sunday ....
  9. lol for what did you change the approach mode then???? it´s useless then.
  10. at the moment they don´t even fulfill their own simple demanded specification of the product anouncment. if they had focused more on the flightdynamics, A/T and A/P and maybe added some of the missing features,many people would like to see, they would not have such big problems now with the behaviour of the plane because they would taken more care about that instead of just creating a nice panel.
  11. i don´t care if it´s more difficult to built a boing or airbus. aerosoft decided to do an airbus so it´s not my problem. my problem is that the A/P, A/T and flightdynamics behave bad. even more bad then most other addons i use, that are way out of date. if they solve it with SP1 ok. fine. but things like this have to be sorted out before the release, because this are no small bugs, this is essential.
  12. sure i use them otherwise i would never reach any slower speed either in selcted or managed mode while descending in the mode the autopilot calculated. besides that, if i would follow the FD on approach i would never be able to land this plane. with all this as a conclusion you can say: the autopilot of this airbus x sucks. buy a level-d b767 and you can see how a good addon should behave while flying on autopilot or manually.
  13. i use the x52 pro too. did you try to install the latest driver for the joystick? try to reconnect the joystick and recalibrate it. that helped for me...hope for you too
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