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  1. The forum was called "Support forum" yet there was not a thread for FS9 2004, I had to post in the FSX & P3D forum hoping to get a reply, hence why I said there was no support directed at FS9. Thank you masterhawk for your reply. I will raise a ticket with Aerosoft and see what help I get. I suspect it is an exclude file that does not cover the full area required. Regards Mike
  2. Using Mega Paris Orly (FS9 2004) If autogen is set to anything above NONE trees and buildings appear on RWY 240 / 60 This often happens on freeware, I did not expect it to happen on payware ( Euros 25.99 ) do you have an exclude fix? As I like to fly with at least some autogen. Why no support for FS9 if you still take full price for the FS9 ( 2004 ) products?
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