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  1. Disregard....I just had to look in the "downloads" section of the Aerosoft site. I feel really dumb. Guess it's time for my recurrent...oh what...it IS time for my recurrent! Crap! Cheers, Dave
  2. My issues with v1.2 are similar. Very slow and long take off roll, although interestingly, if I push the F4 button on my keyboard I get full thrust. For the balance of the flight, as long as you are in managed mode, it's fine, but the minute you pull off the a/p on final, the nose dives significantly and most "bus" pilots I've ever seen pull the a/p off at about 1000 feet stabilized on final. I can't do it in this aircraft, recovery is possible, but difficult. If you go completely manual, it's possible to land the plane, albeit a little hard on the bird and passengers. For me, it's entirely too much trouble to fly in its current state and will remove the software and follow the discussion until the advanced version comes out. I'm disappointed.
  3. Martin, to be fair, you make valid points. I kind of laugh a little when you talk about a car, because my Audi A6 just has been in the shop constantly since I bought it and has cost me over $7000 to repair (to be fair to Audi, $3000 of that I knew I was going to incur when I bought the car). It's in the shop again and because this was a BIG repair - entire power steering rack had to be replaced...which had to be flown in from Germany, since there wasn't one in the USA. Actually I should be crying, but because the dealership has treated me so well since I bought the A6 (they've put me in free cars to drive even when they had to steal a new car to do it), I can't complain about their responsiveness. That's a lot off subject, but I believe you understand the point. With software...ANY software, there are bugs. Some are big, some are little. On the ABX, there was things that the beta testers missed. It happens. I agree that not having SID/STARS for dep/arr management is a pain, but they told us about it before we bought it (you kinda had to read the fine print??). As far as that subject goes, as long as the waypoints are built into the FSX flight plan, you may not be able to fly them in managed mode, but you certainly can fly them in selected mode. It just takes a little more work. The don't fly before it's fixed point...I can see your point that it would make you frustrated. However, they are also right. The problems with the bus are erratic enough (and enough inconsistent amongst reported users) that they need to pull together as much information as they can, duplicate it, then fix it, test it before they put it out. Until that time, it is pointless to fly a machine that you will crash 8/10 times. Am I frustrated...yes. However, in the grand scheme of things, this is a nit compared to the other stressful things in my life and I have no intention of letting this add to my stress...my advice to you and everyone reading is to do the same. Hopefully, Aerosoft will get it mostly right the next time (I don't expect it to be 100% right on the SP1). I do expect 90%. Since you've parked your airplane, I've done the same, let's see what we see when we see it. Cheers, Dave Lamb
  4. Martin (and those who are whining)... I hate to be the guy who really needs to say this, but it needs to be said: 1. ALL FS aircraft, every single one of them, have had bugs when they were first released. Yes, this one has a few ugly ones... 2. Aerosoft is doing a really excellent job of communicating and responding to issues as well as updating us on the progress of SP1. 3. For me, the aircraft is really unflyable (partially due to the fact I don't have a wheel mouse), so parking it until SP1 is done is a good idea. 4. Don't ask for a refund. You agreed to the terms/conditions when you bought the airplane and a refund is not part of the deal...asking for a refund when they make a reasonable statement about the situation with the aircraft just makes you look silly and causes frustration for Aerosoft as they have to respond to it. 5. BE PATIENT. By their actions in responding to the issues with this aircraft, they have earned my confidence and I will wait for the fix. I am absolutely certain that Aerosoft understands the frustration that we are feeling, we don't need to continually slap them across the face when they are really busting their butts to fix it. Let's be professional here...after all, we are emulating real professionals. David Lamb Captain/A320 fleet British Airways Virtual
  5. Soren, I have a ball mouse, not a wheel mouse, which may explain a lot. Mathias, I meant selected mode not managed mode (sorry, I wrote this quite late at night). I will try it with a wheel mouse and see if I get a different result and report back. Thanks to you both...
  6. I have read some of the issues that have arisen out of the debut of the Airbus X. Let me first say to Aerosoft, very nicely done; it isn't a "master's" aircraft, but it certainly handles reasonably well. There are some issues and some have been addressed in other posts, so I will disregard those with the understanding that Aerosoft is aware of these and is working on fixes. The major issue I seem to have with the ABX is the fact that the FCU is non-functional: I cannot do anything with the QNH except flip between 1013 and standard. I cannot get it to switch between hpa and hg.Speed: I can push/pull with the mouse, but I cannot change speed while in managed speed mode. Is locked at 250kts. So far, all landings have been with a/t disengaged.Heading: Again, can push/pull, but HDG will not display not can I change it.Altitude: Does switch between 100/1000 and push/pull, but only displays 00100. Cannot change it.VS, either -1800 down or +1800, cannot change it (not all above are with mouse clicks left or right according to instructions).The MCDU issues I have are that place/bearing/distance cannot be entered. I assume this is intentional and if put into the FSX flight plan, it will work as advertised. ECAM issues I cannot switch between ECAM buttons; it seems to stay locked on HYD or ENG; tried both left/right mouse clicks, no joy.TOCONFIG button doesn't give me warning if one of the items is not green.RCL button inop.Lastly, in non a/t operations, it's difficult to maintain proper speed and attitude; the aircraft tends to pitch wildly (probably because it's not suppose to be operated in non a/t mode most of the time) and had a couple of crashes as a result because the alpha floor didn't work as advertised and the bird stalled out. Every new aircraft has bugs, this is to be expected. I will wait to hear if anyone else has experienced these specific problems. Anyone who has spent any significant time on FSX should KNOW that pretty much every new bird has bugs and we have to accept that going forward. It's just frustrating that there are some fundamental things that don't work as advertised and while I know they'll get fixed, it's like anything else, we expect something that works reasonably well when we purchase it. This isn't a knock to Aerosoft specifically, it's just an observation about the state of FSX add on software. Good for Aerosoft that they are aware and working on fixes. Look forward to hearing some positive answers. Kind regards, Dave Lamb (BAW034) A318/319/320/321 Captain British Airways Virtual
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