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  1. If you are having a problem with your bravo throttles not responding or calibrating. I’ve noticed the issue to be in only the custom liveries. Anything from aerosoft isn’t giving me problems!
  2. I can confirm I’ve had the same issue with the bravo throttles. Tried deleting m files and doing a complete reinstall with no luck
  3. I reset in vpilot what receives and transmits voice and it was fixed instantly.
  4. Sadly didn’t know about the slow updates until after the purchase...
  5. Was wondering the same thing. Didn’t notice what the version number was before today
  6. Mathijs, I found the issue to be my acars that runs through fsuipc to be causing the issue. It had a flight saving mode hidden. Thanks so much for the great plane !
  7. It’s definitely off. I even reinstalled the plane and fsuipc and same problem. Starts to happen really bad after 18000 feet. Before that it really isn’t a problem. Turning off fsuipc fixes the issue.
  8. I did two flights with the fbw A32N and had no issues. 3 flights with the crj and I had the freezing problem every minute or two for about 10 seconds. Only above 18000 feet and on the descent it wouldnt stop until final. And I can confirm it does not happen with fsuipc off.
  9. no it only seems to happen with the crj. i dont have the problem with any other plane. it also doesnt happen until i fly through 18000. before that its not an issue.
  10. this is exactly why we cant. I thought this plane was a huge relief to the community who was waiting for an actual airliner.
  11. Alot of people also like the depth of this plane. not every plane on the game is gonna be "click a few buttons and fly" they have to cater to everyone.........
  12. Hi im having my sim hang for a few seconds even though i have autosave off like it is suggested.
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