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  1. I understand that, but it is a matter of scale. Huge retailers have far greater buying power. One would imagine that they would swallow up all available stock before the "little guy" gets a sniff. It is not a complaint, far from it, but merely an observation. I'm now firmly committed to buying local wherever possible.
  2. Another reason why I cancelled my Amazon Prime subscription and refuse to purchase anything from them ever again. Customer reps spouting bare faced lies when asked about orders was the final straw. Amazon have become far too big and powerful. Smaller retailers are more likely to offer better customer care, but it does beg the question, how on earth do these smaller retailers get stock ahead of the e-commerce giants like Amazon?
  3. Just as I was leaving the office for the day, I happened to check my phone and have a DPD delivery message and a shipping confirmation from AMS. Can it really be true? Will I finally see one almost 12 months after my initial order went in with Scamazon!!!?? Tomorrow will tell, but it is certainly looking more promising than my 3 different vendor orders!
  4. Nice find! I've placed an order about 3 minutes after you posted this and have been in touch with the retailer to confirm that my order is valid. I want to avoid the potential disappointment (MORE disappointment) of finding out that I've yet again dropped almost £300 into someone else's bank account to hold onto for a while. Fingers crossed. What I DO find really strange is that retailers like AMS are getting stock ahead of the likes of Scan, Box and even the behemoth that is Amazon.
  5. There has been suggestion that a 3rd party is involved with retailer distribution. I'd wager it is someone like West Coast or Computer 2000 if so.
  6. I'm not buying it to be honest. Take this as an example. These are arbitrary numbers and no specific entities are mentioned to avoid any distress. 100 customers place an order with a retailer for a product in June of 2020 and those orders are passed to the European distributor. 100 customers place an order directly with a European distributor in June 2020 for the same product. 50 customers place an order with a retailer for the product in January 2021 and again the orders are passed to the European distributor. 50 customers place an order directly with the European distributor in January 2021. 500 units appear at the European distributor from the manufacturer in May 2021. Everyone who has placed an order with the European distributor up to and including orders placed in January 2021 has their order fulfilled. Retail orders remain outstanding or are cancelled by the retailer citing "lack of product availability". And there isn't a problem with this?
  7. Understandable and post duly edited. My other points remain unchanged.
  8. Summary of where I stand now. I've just issued a cancellation request with a UK supplier for the Bravo. Nice for them to hold onto a shade over £250 of mine while I waited on an update from Honeycomb Aeronautical > Aerosoft > UK Supplier on possible fulfilment dates. In short, tumbleweed has been the order of the day from all parties concerned. A lot of faith has been placed in companies by a large section of the flightsim community, and largely this has been let down, ranging from lack of product, lack of update to lack of concern. All of these can be easily denied but they are ultimately and immediately apparent to the customer base. While I do offer a degree of sympathy and understanding to the position that Aerosoft find themselves in, I cannot help but feel that Honeycomb have taken the easy way out by employing Aerosoft as the European distributor. Lack of product = consumers blame distributor, Lack of update = consumers blame distributor. It has been rebutted a couple of times on this thread, but I do still hold the opinion that Honeycomb genuinely do not view outside of the US as an important market. I'd be hugely interested to view the figures on units shipped to EU vs US. It is very easy for businesses to blame the current pandemic but, while horrible a challenge as it is, the world does still keep on turning and Honeycomb have evidenced this by the marketing for the Charlie Pedals now making an appearance. If there is such a massive semiconductor shortage for the production of the Bravo, how on earth are they going to manage the production of an additional SKU to their product portfolio? I'd love to get my hands on a Bravo as I think the product looks great and fills a real gap in the market for the flight simmer. Do I think I'll get one before the turn of the year? Doubtful. Have I lost faith in Honeycomb? Absolutely. I've just placed an order for the Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant. At least that way, I'll be able to get some flying done before FlightSim 2022 lands. Maybe by then there will be signs of a Bravo available... although my guess is we will probably be in the midst of marketing blurb for the Foxtrot.
  9. I'm not going to get involved in the "debate" about this, however I do firmly believe that the delays are down to the lack of available semiconductors in the channel. Honeycomb have already intimated that their manufacturing schedule is likely to be seriously impacted with lead times for components at around 6 months. I guess this is already beginning to bite.
  10. Try Amazon. They flat out lie to you. "Yes sir... the item will be with you in 24/48 hours guaranteed". That was in December. I'm curious if the delay might be Scan trying to get updated or projected stock fulfilment levels from Aerosoft? But then Aerosoft aren't able to comment on that subject in these forums, so I guess we will never really know...
  11. 28th May lead time for the Alpha at Scan... Bravo currently closed for Pre-orders. If the date slips for Bravo Pre-orders, then I'll wager that we will see the dates mirrored.
  12. I've had to make do with the Alpha, which I do love to bits, a Thrustmaster T16000M throttle and the Thrustmaster TPR pedals. ( I won the pedals at an auction for £97.... current retail... £450! so I think I used up all my luck that day!) The Alpha is so much better than the old Saitek yoke I had. I sold off my old Saitek yoke and throttle along with my old Saitek Cessna pedals as I had grown tired of Prepar3d. I just want to see the Bravo sat on my desk and I can set about 3D printing some mods for it!
  13. Yeah that is not promising at all. Its not only the flight controls that are the issue to be fair. I ordered a PC from Mesh back in February... spent damn near £4k on it only to wait for months to see it rock up.... If it isn't here by June/July, then I'll cancel as the chances are that the components will be superceded by the next gen. I may be forced to do the same with the Bravo too if I am being honest. The clamour to get one has been somewhat unprecedented. It doesn't help that Honeycomb issued a warning about the components for the Bravo being on at least a six month lead time either. Maybe get my hands on one in 2022 at this rate!
  14. I'd much rather be grasping at the speedbrake lever!!! I know, from a short background in logistics while in the military, that it can take time to process incoming receipts, and only then does the item show up as "in stock". From there, the order fulfilment team are then able to "pick" the item. I reckon that if no-one has had an email confirming delay by the end of today, then we may be golden.... now... where did I put those straws???
  15. Curious to know if you have had an email from Scan with a delayed date. I've seen nothing yet. Just wondering if you placed an order after me and perhaps I am one of the lucky few who will see a unit ship this week.
  16. I hold out a little more hope as when I ordered on the 16th March for the same dispatch date as you, it was a lot earlier than the day of the stock arrival that the email advising of the delay was sent. I know it is not possible for anyone at Aerosoft to comment on stock shipments, as Marius has already stated on a number of occasions, however it would be really beneficial if we could get an idea of when the stock departed Deutschland...
  17. I believe that is exactly what is happening. Given the shipment arrived with Aerosoft on the 8th April, there will be a mountain of customs declaration paperwork to be completed, shipments will need to be arranged and uplift completed. It is entirely possible that the shipments were sat in customs for a short while before departing continental Europe, with further delay when they arrive in the UK (we keep hearing how terrible the UK Departure from the European Union is going to be remember), before eventual onward shipment to the vendors. So 18 days, of which 6 are weekends, doesn't seem too long. Of course, I could be leaning toward being the eternal optimist, however if I get an email from Scan with picking and shipping details, I will be more than a little happy!
  18. I'm keen to know the outcome of this. When did you place your order with them? I ordered as soon as I saw they were taking pre-orders on the website (16th March). If they are able to fulfil this at such a short order window, then it makes a complete mockery of Amazon and their "buying power". Please <insert name of chosen deity here> let it be true that I'll see my Bravo in a week or so!
  19. If Honeycomb actually HAVE the pieces available to do the building!
  20. If there was an emoji available to signify just how much I am drooling right now... this post would be full of them!!!
  21. It is not just Aerosoft orders that this happens with. I've had many orders from other suppliers of all kinds of items be subjected to the same thing. I have a background in logistics while in the military and I know from experience that when you raise documentation for shipping, be that UPS, DHL, any kind of Air Waybill, that the automated systems register these and fire out the messages to the recipient. Just be glad to know that you have something shipping to you. There is light at the end of this very long tunnel!
  22. I do hope a large number of those are destined for Scan... hint hint....
  23. Announcement was emailed on the 13th March to people who had signed up to their website. I find it quite troubling that you guys, as their European Distributor, haven't been made aware of this. Is this just another sign of their all too obvious "US-centric" business model?
  24. If that doesn't just scream "production slowdown/cessation" to you then I am not sure what does.
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