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  1. Hi, I understand but isn't TOW%MAC supposed to turn green for it to be ok ?
  2. p3dv5, a330 latest version the figures you see in the picture are from simbrief (257 pax, 0 cargo and 11415kg fuel). No mater which way I moved the sliders tow%mac does not turn green. COG
  3. I’m using the a330 fuel planner (advanced) but I can’t figure out how to adjust the COG right. I mean I use simbrief, plan a flight and enter the Pax and cargo and fuel suggested but when I move the adjust Cog left or right the tow%mac numbers (percentages) don’t turn green. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  4. The pmdgs 777s (200-300) and 747s (400+800)a, the feelthere ejets (v3)even the fsx bbs airbuses don't have the problem our a333 is having during replay.
  5. Ok. But.Since others have "bypassed" what you call a p3d limitation my thinking was that maybe the same could have been done for our a330. I love the a330 and I love watching the replays of my landings but it is kinda depressing watching the a330 land stiff as a board abacus/ old cheap freeware style .
  6. A while back I posted about a problem I was having during replay. The landing gear/wheels of my a330 were in the ground, did not move and all. I was told that it was a limitation of p3d and nothing could be done and topic was closed. Well today I checked my pmdg 777 and also the ejets v3 by feelthere and lo and behold they do not have that problem at all..they look good during the replay too.Maybe their wings were not flexing much but the wheels were perfect Maybe something could be done also for the a330 ? Thanks
  7. If I try to look, from my capt seat , at the nose of the airplane I see little spots like orange "flames" on the window as if they are coming from the nose .They disappear the second I sit down again. I do use the RD preset (tomatoshade) tho and I'm no sure it is because of that? Thanks
  8. While I'm climbing the copilot does not turn off the landing lights at 10000 feet. (it does turn them on when descending).Did I maybe do something that messed up the sequence ? Also after take off even if I'm past throttle red. speed altitude the pfd still reads toga (or flex+temp) . I have the feeling I'm doing something wrong but i can't figure out what. All help appreciated. P.S. I'm on vs
  9. I was looking at a a picture of a real a333 from the side and then comparing it with my as a333 and to me it looks as if the nose of the as a330 is shorter and rounder. The real one looks longer and pointier ?
  10. Mathijs, Sorry I was wrong. I had 2 different joysticks active ( hotas and saitek) at the same time. I disabled saitek and all problems are solved. Strange oscillations, sluggishness et all are all gone. Thanks
  11. Agree. They said they fixed it but I don't see where. Manual landing is still difficult with the ac being too slow to respond (with and without wind).
  12. In the theory if the bank angle is more than 33 deg and I let go of the stick the aircraft should return and keep 33 deg of bank.Not so in our a333. It just keeps banking and dives ?
  13. I was watching a replay of my landing and noticed that landing gears did not move :when they touched down and wings were stiff ?? Thanks Here are 2 screenshots :
  14. Same thing happened here: Liml.Speed was fine on downwind and base leg .i then turned finals and speed went all the way up to 260 with full flaps and gear down.
  15. Hi Mathijs, In your response to my post wing tips from the VC ( a330) you suggested that "In the real aircraft you have to really lean into the window to see it. I think our model shows that perfectly." I think you should be able to see the wings without leaning much into the windows and you should see more of the wings than you actually see in the VC of the AS 330. I'm including here a link to a justplanes youtube vid and a snap of an airbus doc I found out there. Thanks P.s link to justplanes wing view from the cockpit
  16. In the real thing the pilot can see the wing tips from the cockpit easy. In the aerosoft ac I have hard time. Am I missing something ? Thanks
  17. Was just wondering. Can pfpx auto-fix a route if after validation something needs to be changed like airway ? Thanks
  18. I didn't add any spacer,(not that I know of). Where is the spacer ? If i click on a checkbox nothing happens.
  19. I'm going through the manual and trying to figure things out. I don't understand why my sceneryset overview is "grayed out". Light gray should mean not activated but everything in my scenery.cfg is active.In the manual there's also a picture and it shows everything is active. I must be doing something wrong but I'm not sure what ?.I'm including a screenshot of my sceneryset overview and the one in the manual.Any help appreciated.
  20. I just purchased simstarter and I'm stuck. I have watched a YT video Peter has done 3 years ago a few times (simstarter quick guide(english)) but now the interface is different and I don't know how to setup the program. is there any video tutorial with fool-proof instructions to help newbs ? Thanks
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