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  1. 1370 downloads

    Please note: This is an upgrade of the version I uploaded previously that had the USA flag on the right hand side of the aircraft facing the wrong direction. This version is now the correct one with the flag facing where it should be, as well as some other small corrections. Please overwrite the previous version.
  2. Greetings Yes, the retard call also does not start at the right time for me. Starting at 40ft. But I don't know if it is something that must be corrected or if it's me trying to make all the passengers to throw up. Keep up the great work! Regards
  3. 774 downloads

    Please note: this is an upgrade of the version I uploaded previously, that contained some errors in the textures and are now corrected in this version. The colors on this version also look better and resemble more the real aircraft. Please overwrite the previous version.
  4. Hello everybody, the same thing is happening to me. I turn on the engine master switch and the thing spools up to 100% really fast. I followed the step-by-step guide to check if i was doing something wrong and experimented moving the throttles to TO/GA and back to idle, before starting the engines, but the problem persists. Anyway, excellent job with the airbus. Even with some minor issues (wich i think it's perfectly normal at this stage) this bird is an absolute joy to fly. Regards Tiago
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