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  1. I have the same problem on my system (Win 10 2004), but no Japanese here.
  2. I have the same problem on my system (Win 10 2004). I have installed the library files from techpowerup but this doesn't solve the problem.
  3. I have removed the control files as suggested by you. During the first flight everything was OK. But I have two controls: one X52 stick for the airbus and a yoke for the smaller planes. After configuration of the yoke I have the same problem again. The yoke is not connected when the problem occurs, only the X52 stick. Maybe the airbus is confused when multiple devices are configured in P3D? Best regards, Snoopy Belgium
  4. I'm not alone... flying david also has reported the same issue. When a signal produced by movement of the stick is graphically shown on one screen in the plane and not on the other screen, I believe there must be wrong inside the plane. The signal is there and the flightsim is the receiver of this signal. When the airbus is displaying the result of the movement it means that the signal has reached its destination. So inside the plane there must be some code that in some conditions the signal is not shown in the ECAM and the movement of the elevator is locked. I'm using your airbus already many years and the product was mostly very stable. Like every new product there are also some small errors and in the past Aerosoft always could solve them in a short period of time. So many users, including me, have some patience because Aerosoft is doing its job. With the latest version I have the idea that the product itself is very stable (there are not many CTD's, so congratulations to the developers!), but I remark different small problems (like this problem) that were not there in the previous versions and that are annoying. But the plane can be flown and it is sometimes difficult to reproduce these small problems, so I think many users are not reporting these kind of problems to you. The product is also many times used in combination with other products from other companies (GSX, Active Sky, ...) which can have an influence on your product. Depending on which products a user has installed in the flightsim, a problem can be seen or not. I have tried to reproduce the error, but when I open the flightsim in an Airbus and switch on the engines everything works fine. When I do the preparing of the flight like in reality with GSX and I'm 45 minutes at the gate before engines are started, the problem is there in most cases. When the problem is time related, some users that don't need so much time for flight preparation (testers maybe belong to this type of user) will not experience it at all. Best regards, Snoopy Belgium
  5. I have reinstalled the simconnect packages as suggested by you, but this doesn't solve the problem. I had a look at the prepar3d.cfg file but I don't see anything that is related to the flight controls. Best regards, Snoopy Belgium
  6. Today I have made a flight with the A319 and the same problem was happening again. And this time there was no short beep because of variable winds, so taht is something that can be ruled out here. After starting the engines and the GSX pushback the copilot performed the checklist and the flight controls check was failing. This time the elevator was completely stuck in the ECAM, but in the PFD everything was OK. So I'm sure that there is nothing wrong with the configuration of the axis of my stick, because the movements of the stick are displayed always correctly in the PFD. Also with other airplanes there is no problem at all. At the outside the elevator was also not moving at all, so I was wondering how I would get this plane into the air... Then I started to taxi, and suddenly the elevator was working correctly again. After entering the runway and performing the before departure checklist, the elevator was still moving, but not completely to the up position anymore (only to 50% of it). Anyway the takeoff and flight were succesful. After landing and taxiing to the gate I checked the elevator again before shutting down the engine and everything was working fine. So there must be something wrong inside the software of the plane. When there was a problem with the configuration of the controls I would expect that also in the PFD the cursor would not follow the movement of the stick. Best regards, Snoopy Belgium
  7. Also after re-calibration of the stick the problem is still there (see the attached screenshot). During flight preparation I was hearing the short beep tone again, a problem that was reported by some other users and that has something to do with the variable winds in AS. So maybe these 2 problems are corelated. I will investigate this further. Best regards, Snoopy Belgium
  8. I have re-calibrated my stick in P3D and I will test it during the next flights. But it will take some time before I can see the result. Best regards, Snoopy Belgium
  9. When I was reading your topic I was also thinking that these 2 can be related. Is the behavior on your PDF also normal and on your ECAM wrong? But in my case the elevator on the ecam moves when I move the flight control up and down, but it doesn't move completely to the highest position, but somewhere around 50%. The down position is no problem. Best regards, Snoopy
  10. Hello Mathijs, Thanks for your reply. No, I didn't try that. But it doesn't happen each time I fly (about 1/3 of the flights or so I see this problem). And the problem was first seen after install of the A320/321. The weeks before I was flying the A318/319 a lot and then the flight controls behaved as expected. I will try a calibration to see it has some influence. Best regards, Snoopy Belgium
  11. Since the arrival of the A320/A321 on my system I have a problem that I never have seen with the A318/A319 Professional (and all the Airbus versions before that). Before taxi the flight controls are tested by moving the joystick up and down and left and right. Also the rudder is tested. But sometimes the test fails when I move the joystick to the up position. On the PFD I see that the "cursor" (I don't know the name of the cursor that is moving together with the flight controls) goes up to the highest position, so on the PFD everything is OK. But on the ECAM the triangle which indicates the position of the flight control doesn't slide completely to the highest position when I push the stick completely forward (it gets stuck somewhere in the middle). When this is happening the checklist is stuck and I have to choose skip this item. When this is happening the airplane behaves normally during flight. Only during one occasion I hit the joystick during flight by accident. As a result the autopilot was switched off, which is normal. But after that I could not switch it on again because there was always a error immediately after it was set to on. As a result the autopilot was switched off again because of the error and I had to fly the airplane manually. Does anyone else has the same problem that the flight controls on the ECAM display don't behave as expected? Best regards, Snoopy Belgium Moderator's Note: This thread was closed for a while due to unwarranted remarks made by a member. It's reopened with just the original post and suggestions solely related to that issue. The others are hidden except to moderators and staff. "Me too" posts don't really help. We understand this issue is a big deal with those that have it, but for balance, please try to understand that with literally thousands of users that don't have this issue, our extensive experience has to lead us to the conclusion that there's something unique in the systems of those with the issue that can't be solved with common as well as creative trouble shooting. Despite belief that one's system is 100% not the problem, it almost 99.999% (about) is. For the remaining 0.001% we simply don't know why.
  12. Hi Bob, Thanks for your response. Then the new airbus is indeed suited for IVAO and VATSIM users. That's great news!!! Best regards, Johan
  13. Hi Patrick, Thanks for your answer! I have been reading on this forum and I see that the navigraph database has been a big isue on this forum before. Some people talk about the 'generic navigraph Database', which is called 'Cheyenne/Fokker/Mustang/Super 80 Professional' in the navigraph distribution and which is located in directory x:\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Navigraph\Navdata. Does the new airbus use this navigraph Database for reading all the waypoints? In that case the new airbus can be used for IVAO and VATSIM users, only a little bit more effort has to be done for the programming in the MCDU. Best regards, Johan
  14. Dear Mathijs, Why do 'SIDs and STARs make little sense'? When you fly on IVAO the runway for ILS approach and the STAR to be used are communicated during flight, so they have to be entered in the MCDU during the flight. When the new airbus is not capable to use SIDs and STARs, it will be useless for VATSIM and IVAO users. This is really very pity! Or is there an alternative way to enter the waypoints from the STAR during flight. Johan
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