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  1. Hi Hans! I agree with what you're saying. It is very easy to overshoot TOGA and go into max. However, during all my testing, I have been very careful to make sure I don't overshoot and that I'm in the TOGA detent. Here's some pictures attached as to what I am experiencing. Picture 1 is right before rotation. Picture 2 is as soon as the wheels lift off the ground. Picture 3 is climbout. I have the Perf page, thrust levers and EICAS all in the same frame for you to review. The thrust levers are in the TOGA detent, the perf page shows 45C and I'm at flaps 8. Hopefully you can shed some light on the situation. I'm using the CRJ Pro I have P3D V4 HF2 and Windows 10. Thank you for your help and input!!
  2. I’ve tried playing with the aircraft some more to try and get it to cooperate. I even did a fresh install, but to no avail it keeps happening. Hopefully the information above I provided you helps solve this issue. I hope it’s not related just to my sim. Thanks for your continued help!!
  3. Hah. Thanks. I wish I didn't have it in the first place. I through setting up a normal load through the EFB and set my Vspeeds. I went through the FMS step by step setting up my flight plan, SIDS and STARS. I then checked my perf int page and made sure the info matched the load in the EFB. I then went to the Perf page to set up the FLX temp and put in 35C. The FMS took the temp and I saw FLX on the EICAS. So I knew it accepted the temperature and was working correctly. I then went through all the normal checklists and began my takeoff roll and both of what I described above occurred. This is happening on all CRJ variants because I tested each one. Also to note, the aircraft stays in GA power until I select Flaps 8 and then it reverts to TO power. My Sim is P3D V4.5 HF2 and I am using Windows 10 with the most recent available updates. Thank you for your help!! I can also attach pictures if they would help.
  4. I tried using lower temps and to no avail, I still receive the same result. I also discovered that if I take off with flaps 20 with a flex temp, as soon as I lift off the ground the thrust immediately schedules Go Around power. In previous versions of the CRJ Pro I've never had any issues. This is something new that occurred with the most recent update.
  5. I will try others and see if they'll work. I tried 48, 49, 50 and neither worked. I'll try the 35-45 range to see if I get a better result. Thank you!
  6. Hey guys, Love the CRJ Pro and I haven't been having much issues with it until the most recent update. The aircraft flies fine, but with the most recent update I find that the CRJ no longer stays in the FLX TO thrust setting after lift off. I set the temperature in the PERF page, i.e. 50C or something and it shows FLX on the thrust rating on the EICAS. I set power on takeoff and it remains in FLX mode and schedules the thrust as such. As soon as the main wheels leave the ground, the thrust setting automatically sets itself to TO mode and then schedules max TO power, however when it does so, the TO thrust setting is still showing magenta as if it were in FLX mode. Maybe its something I've missed in the manual or I'm doing something wrong on my side, but riding in the jumpseat on the CRJ numerous times I've never seen the actual aircraft do such. Thank you all for your help!!
  7. helialpin, I cannot thank you enough, a Godsend! -Us 75
  8. I agree with duckbilled. The Us Airways A321 CFM and IAE variants were the whole reason why bought this addon. All of the Us operators of the A320 have been taken care of except for Us Airways (Aerosoft didn't even finish painting the Us paint properly) and the A321 has been completely neglected for both Us operators. Sorry to complain, but that is just how I feel. Thanks, Us 75
  9. Quite understandable, no rush. Thanks, Us 75
  10. Andi, Sorry to bother, but I was wondering if there was any sort of update you could give us simmers on your Us Airways project. Thanks, Us 75
  11. I believe you are looking for the heritage sticker: http://www.google.co...iw=1920&bih=846 It is located on the L1 door on all Us Airways aircraft.
  12. Just as a suggestion, could I please request N508AY for the IAE model since it was in the first batch of deliveries for Us Airways West. http://www.airliners...4d0e88d4f74487d Thanks -Us 75
  13. Thanks! Here is a CFM pic: http://www.airliners.net/photo/US-Airways/Airbus-A321-211/1510702/L/&sid=488e1d46c93fdfbc38b572edd2c15fbb -Us 75
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