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  1. helialpin, I cannot thank you enough, a Godsend! -Us 75
  2. I agree with duckbilled. The Us Airways A321 CFM and IAE variants were the whole reason why bought this addon. All of the Us operators of the A320 have been taken care of except for Us Airways (Aerosoft didn't even finish painting the Us paint properly) and the A321 has been completely neglected for both Us operators. Sorry to complain, but that is just how I feel. Thanks, Us 75
  3. Quite understandable, no rush. Thanks, Us 75
  4. Andi, Sorry to bother, but I was wondering if there was any sort of update you could give us simmers on your Us Airways project. Thanks, Us 75
  5. I believe you are looking for the heritage sticker: It is located on the L1 door on all Us Airways aircraft.
  6. Just as a suggestion, could I please request N508AY for the IAE model since it was in the first batch of deliveries for Us Airways West. http://www.airliners...4d0e88d4f74487d Thanks -Us 75
  7. Thanks! Here is a CFM pic: -Us 75
  8. I really hope so, I have been waiting for someone to slap the U.S. colors on the Airbus X. I wonder if he will paint both engine types.
  9. Just wondering, has their been an update on this issue?
  10. Jankees, I just wanted to let you know that your Virgin paint does have one small mistake. It is missing the American flag on the inside of the winglet: Also it seems with the shine in FSX, your red on the plane turns pink in the right light. As you can see the Virgin tail and engines are nearly blood red: I don't know if this can be easily fixed or not--if not don't worry too much about it. Otherwise, a fantastic paint. Thanks a bunch, Us 75
  11. I am sooo lovin the Orca. Has to be my favorite Frontier paint. -Us 75
  12. Sounds great Finn, makes me really hopeful for a flyable Airbus X. Thanks, -Us 75
  13. I just flew a bit and I realized that no matter what FLX temp I put in, the throttles retard to 85% and NEVER reach the FLX setting on the N1% gauges. Then when you lift off and the throttles TOGA, it is actually throttling up to your actual FLX setting. -Us 75
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