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  1. I’ll be teaching them live on my stream on Twitch, and will store the lessons on my YT channel. Both are under my name here
  2. I’m going to disagree here. I used Microsoft Flight Sim (it was the only sim out back then) to learn IFR flying before starting my flight training for that license. Because of the sim, I aced my first flight, which was an NDB approach, under the hood, no GPS, and 23 kts of crosswind (at my request). I performed a hold, then a procedure turn, and nailed it all. This was at the Comair Aviation Academy in Sanford, FL. My instructor, to this day, does not believe that I had never flown IFR in an aircraft before. He said it was impossible to have that kind of performance without real flight experience. Well... I went on to pass my check ride a short 8 days later. Further, I have worked in the real-world simulation industry for 15 years. I can tell you that MSFS gets a LOT of things better than the multi-million dollar, FAA- and EASA-certified sims that are leading the industry today. And yet, in those sims, we certify people to go fly a plane, by themselves, that they’ve never set foot on before. And their first flight, ever, in that aircraft, after the check ride with us, will be without an instructor and with passengers. We do that every single day. Using sims that are, generally speaking, less faithful to real flying than I find MSFS to be. Sorry to hijack this topic, but I felt this was a necessary point to be made.
  3. Just to add a little info, I’m planning on teaching a full Initial Type Rating Course for the CRJ once it’s out (something I’ve done, as my job, for other aircraft numerous times). I’ve been studying the aircraft for a while now, and have started designing the lessons. The course will take around 10 days, depending on what Aerosoft ends up simulating. Nonetheless, we are going to go DEEP into anything that is simulated. I can’t wait!
  4. Hi Vladimir, You make an important point. When learning, it is important that the tools you use are consistent, so that you know what to expect. Having aircraft or avionics behave erratically confuses the learning process tremendously. Now, we’ve come a long way since releasing on August 18th, but there are still some inconsistencies. As you mentioned, I’m able to work around them due to my experience. But this is an important limitation of the sim at the moment. It does not affect IFR flying only, this can affect any type of flying. I will couch that by saying that there are many default aircraft that I find 100% reliable after all the updates, and that could well be used for someone’s first sim experience and result in positive training. But you do have to know which aircraft to use. The community is your friend there.
  5. Thanks Evidence! And thanks for mentioning MrTommy, who fully deserves mention in the same breath as Working Title and FlyByWire. And yes, Czech Republic, lololol, you don’t forget quickly, do you???
  6. Hi IXU, I saw your post and am curious to know what you think isn't there for IFR flying. I'm a real-world pilot, FlightSafety instructor, and, as of three months ago, a Twitch streamer. I stream five times a week, and fly almost exclusively IFR. I believe you might have been talking about the initial state of the sim. Things have come a long way, due both to updates from Asobo as well as huge efforts by the community. Both the FlyByWire Airbus as well as the Working Title CJ4 are at a very high level already, even doing things in the FMS that other sims don't (to my knowledge, at least, I could be very wrong here), like loading a flight plan straight from SimBrief. Are we missing things? Absolutely. Is the development at a rapid pace? Tremendously. Can you fly IFR in the sim today? Well, the answer is definitely yes, but I'm curious still to know what you think are the current limitations to the sim. This, like yours, is an amicable message. I'm not comparing sims to find a "winner" or anything like that. They all have their place, from what I can see. I'm just curious, as you're not the first one to say something like this, and yet I find myself being able to do everything needed in an IFR flight with relative ease. Thanks, I look forward to your reply. P.S. For context, I do have a lot of experience with the entire MSFS family (I'm one of those clichés that has played every version), as well as all versions of P3D up to 4 (I was in the beta for P3D 5, but once MSFS came out, I didn't see a need to use P3D anymore), so I know what flying IFR in those sims is like.
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