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  1. Good luck with that! I contacted them a couple of weeks ago on this and no response at all.
  2. I’ve given up with Aerosoft and Honeycomb - I won’t buy another Honeycomb product again (same with Hotstart as they don’t support their TBM product). In fact, I decided to purchase the Thrustmaster TPR pedals to replace my ageing CH Pro pedals and I couldn’t be happier - they are fantastic - who needs Honeycomb and Aerosoft when there are plenty of alternatives out there. Honeycomb and Aerosoft have the lost the plot as far as I’m concerned. The level of support especially for Mac users just isn’t there anymore by both companies which is very disappointing but if this is what they choose to do then I’ll take my business elsewhere and I wouldn’t be surprised if others do likewise. Cheers.
  3. Hey Ben and Aerosoft, what is going on? You take the time to answer other questions on this forum but you don't answer this one? People have spent a lot of money to buy this gear and Aerosoft is responsible for the software development including for Mac users, not just for Windows. Please answer the question that people have been asking for ages - what is happening with this software for Mac users?
  4. Well, I started this thread 12 months ago thinking that an updated version of HC software would be released pretty soon but looks like it’s not to be, for a bunch of reasons. There’s been no update on this for ages that you have to wonder if there’s anyone working it. Maybe not? I’m curious to know if a version for Mac owners is any closer to release? I’m fine with the current version but at the very least it would be good to stop those annoying messages flashing up on the screen every time you change or adjust something.
  5. Thanks for the update Ben, much appreciated. Hope all is well now.
  6. Hi Ben, there have been several mentions over various topics below, about HC working on the next SW version and I was wondering if you can provide us with some insight as to when they may happen? I'm quite happy with the stability and features with the current SW version, but I recall a while ago, that. maybe there were a number of changes or improvements being considered? Any word on this? Cheers.
  7. Thanks Ben - seems odd that XP recognises the Bravo, but not the Alpha on start up. Will try the power USB option. I've given up on the TBM but thanks for persisting. I wont be buying anymore of their products if they can't sort this out. The TBM will remain in the hangar for a while but appreciate you following up for me.
  8. Thanks Ben, have sorted it out - it's a bit finicky but using the standard data refs will work - you can close this if you wish
  9. I have the latest version of the SSG 747-8F and I have been able to setup the autopilot buttons through HC but I can't seem to get the LEDs to illuminate. Has anyone come across which data refs I should be using to get HDG, NAV etc LEDs to illuminate?
  10. Ben, could this also help me with my Alpha Yoke not being recognised every single time I load any aircraft? I have to unplug it then re-plug it to get XP to see the Yoke. I don't have this problem with any other device that I use (Bravo, Pedals etc). I think I came across an earlier thread discussion about possible CTD's arising from unplugging and re-plugging devices like the yoke but I don't recall if it was confirmed or just a theory. I was wondering if HC had done any more research on this aspect and whether this was causing my CTDs when using the TBM?
  11. Um, I may be missing something here, but the Mac version of the HC shows that it was updated on 21 Apr but I'm positive that I downloaded this version back in March, so has there been an update to the update that perhaps I missed?
  12. I'm having the same challenge for the TBM 900 - tried all sorts of variations using data refs, some illuminate the DOOR led but it stays on. I have noticed a problem - once you set the AND or OR, you can't delete it. While trying to create Conditions and using And and OR, I can't unselect it.
  13. Hi, I'm having a go at creating a profile for the SSG 747-8 and I started by copying the Default Throttle profile, however, in the process of copying, the settings are lost. For instance, the LED mapping, gone. Same with the other elements. Is this is known issue?
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