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  1. Maybe a new version of the configurator will improve it, but I really think its best to only use the configurator for the various bravo LEDs/Indicators, the inc/dec dial and function selector. All buttons and switches for both the Alpha and Bravo can just be mapped via the xplane joystick configurator. If you're able to map more complex datarefs, arrays or commands in the configurator, you can probably also write, or edit a Fly With Lua script that will do the same for you, and then map those created functions in the xplane joystick setup page. Offers a lot more flexibility and IMO is a lot easier to edit and adjust compared to the clunkiness of the configurator.
  2. I think you have the wrong terms... as far as I know, none of the lights for the Zibo are part of an array. They all have distinct datarefs. Taxi lights are even easier as they can be accessed with simple commands, laminar/B738/toggle_switch/taxi_light_brightness_on and off. If you're talking about Runway lights, those are writeable datarefs, laminar/B738/toggle_switch/rwy_light_left 1 or 0 and rwy_light_right 1 or 0. For "Nav Light" there is no light labeled Nav in the B738... you'll probably want Wing or Logo light, I believe both of which have distinct commands as well. Now the Toliss is a different beast.. every light seems to be part of an array.. pain in the arse for sure.
  3. Sounds good. It would be great if the default configuration was changed so each "selector" setting (ALT, VS, HDG, etc) was its own press event with a unique condition instead of the way it is now with one press event and 5 conditions. That way new users don't have to split it up themselves. Its not hard, but its a lot more tedious than I expected when I changed mine. If the concern is that may be too confusing for some, maybe offer a 2nd "advanced default" config that has that to save that step.
  4. Thanks. I've gone ahead and did that and yep it works as intended. Each condition of the selector dial (ALT, VS, HDG, CRS, IAS) now is its own press event and i can add multiple variables to each.
  5. Is there a way to set one condition to fire multiple commands? In the newly released Aerobask Phenom 300, turning the HDG or ALT dial in the sim actually fires off 2 or 3 different commands. Not sure why, or if they're necessary, but that's what they do. If I had to guess one command actually changes the value, the other triggers the animation. Either way, when setting conditions in the Configurator you have the option to "Show Variable Area" which allows you to attach a command when that specific condition is true, but as far as I can tell, only one command. If I want each condition of the inc/dec dial (ALT, HDG, etc) to fire off multiple commands, do I need to create 5 press events each with a its own condition, then add multiple variables underneath it? I'm not sure how the Conditions and variables work if you do NOT check the "Show variable area" box. Do all the variables you set in the "Variables" section fire if the Condition is true?
  6. It would be great if the "Delay" could be a variable. Watching the video I think it is currently at 0.6 seconds? Dropping that to 0.4 or 0.3 (or just making it a variable) will make precision easier. Regarding different speeds for different functions... I just set that up for VS. I deleted that condition out of the current press event (I think its condition 2), created a new Press Event called INC_VS, and just set up the condition if the selector is at VS, then command VS(VVI). The "Repeat Activation" slider is unique to the Press Event, so now the other selectors I use Delayed-Fast but for VS its at "Off".
  7. That would be amazing. My only real complaint I have with the Bravo is that the dial increments at the minimum levels. Very much looking forward to this improvement!
  8. Wow, thank you very much Heinz! installed and now to get configurating!
  9. Hi I seem to be missing something obvious here. I'm trying to install the Windows version for Xplane 11, and the software won't even get past the startup. I have a Steam install of Xplane located here: X:\XPlaneOnly\steamapps\common\X-Plane 11 when I run the setup to install and select that directory I get an "Xplane not found" error. 100% that is where Xplane lives on my PC.
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