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  1. Thought i would post an update I reinstalled Microsoft Flight Simulator, took all of my addons out of the community folder reinstalled the drivers for the Honeycomb Bravo and now the LED lights work when i open up the simulator! i just put the xml into the MSFS folder and it works like a charm now.
  2. i did find this folder Applications >SteamApps>Common>MicrosoftFlightSimulator
  3. Im only seeing Microsoft Flight Dashboard no idea what that is lol
  4. See thats what im having trouble finding i literally do not see that anywhere, i created a custom install folder when i installed MSFS so im not seeing that.... do you think i should re-install MSFS?
  5. Yes and here is the screenshot and i did take the same EXE file
  6. Unfortunatly that did not work i put the XML file into the folder and the honeycomb bridge module is still not coming online.
  7. This is kinda weird, because i searched exe.xml and it came up with an exe.bacup.xml which is located in C/Users/Jokel/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft Flight Simulator then i see an exe.xml which is located in C:Users/Jokel/AppData/Local/Temp
  8. Okay, i loaded it up manually and it worked for that its located in Applications(E) Microsoft Flight Simulator>Community>AFC Bridge>Bin so i guess im going to have to do this every time i open the sim
  9. I started up MSFS and i looked in task manager and i do not see Honeycomb Bridge Module anywhere...
  10. Hello, im having an issue with the LED Lights, they aren't working when i am launching up the game or even when trying to fly, i have installed the latest drivers and i also have my EXE file which is here. exe.xml
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