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  1. Have the same experience flying towards North, plane turning quite shraply to the left and then correcting. Wind 300/30. Had to switch to heading mode.
  2. I cannnot seem to find any references to this problem I experience. The AP either begins turns early or turns too much. This results in a strange trajectory: when turning right plane banks right, but then it has to bank left to correct to the actual course to the next fix. Is it supposed to be like that? I have attached an example drawing (plane trajectory in red) and an example of flights tracked in Volanta (trajectory in blue).
  3. The take-off procedure is slightly different to what you explained, you skipped selecting 180 and 200 on speed and proceeded directly to 250. The manual explicitly states that you go to 200, retract flaps, accel to 250. Not sure if that is just to speed up the operations, though.
  4. This whole "date on Monday, oops, on Tuesday, oops still waiting" is kind of frustrating. I am all for communication and am waiting for the CRJ eagerly, but the whole cituation is just kind of messy.
  5. MSFS, of course. Doubt anyone capable of buying IRL 737 would care much about saving cash for CRJ. Agree with you on that one, but I will take any chance and reason to have CRJ in my sim ASAP BTW, I think the PMDG is making the 737NG, not MAX.
  6. Earlier release to let people spend their cash on CRJ instead of wasting them on abomination of 737MAX that was released today?
  7. So, I guess it's February, as the only March guess was designated as wrong. We had guesses on 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 14, 15, 16, 18 (four of that already!), 19, 22, 23 and 25th. I think it would be before the UK update, and I want it ASAP, so I hope (guess) that it is indeed February 11 together with the UK update. February 15 (monday) would make more sense as a "software" release, but I am not familiar with Aerosoft policy on hotfixes (the release may be very polished, or they may be fine taking the weekend for removing bugs, I dunno).
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