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  1. Also: in what world do developers come onto forums and openly mock genuine customers. What is going on!?
  2. So let's talk specifically about this part of your response: "You don't want to? Too complicated? Too much effort? Well, fine. But then, you shouldn't comment on such things either." Solid attempt at patronising someone, but falls a little short. I work as a software engineer on behalf of (multiple) governments in defence and intelligence, by building high performance micro services and distributed systems. Primarily shuttling satellite, AIS, aviation, emergency services and military tracking devices through a plethora of high performance parsing systems into a custom built high performance geospatial database. I have an expert understanding of NodeJS, C, C++, Golang and when I want a nice quick web application, Ruby. Elasticsearch, Redis, RabbitMQ and Cassandra also make up parts of the extremely high performance stack I've helped build. If I told one of my clients that their software didn't work because I picked a different language to my competitors, they'd laugh me out of the building. Thanks for explaining the difference between C and JavaScript to me btw - do you have a CV I could look at? I don't like to namedrop and brag, but you were incredibly rude to me and presumed I'm an idiot. I am not.
  3. Agree entirely. I made a complaint post today and received a response that essentially mocked me and implied paranoia. Bizarre really. Actually, ED and DCS used to have forum moderators and staff similar the those here, who had a mixture of arrogance and anger towards customers. My understanding is they were cleared out for people with real world customer experience, and EDs reputation was greatly improved as a result.
  4. The JustFlight aircraft, PMDG DC-6, Working Title CJ4 and FBW A320 are all working with the new update. Not only that, each of these groups (two of which consist of volunteers) communicated incredibly clearly, quickly and made me as a customer feel like my inability to access their product was their absolute highest priority. I don't expect products I spend a lot of money on to randomly break, but I know in reality this can happen. If that does happen, I expect apologetic and swift responses with incredibly clear and regular communication throughout all stages. This absolute radio silence, and the fact Aerosoft lock topics from (absolutely right to be so) angry customers just shows how far behind Aerosoft is with their 'customer service' department. Your arrogance will push many of us to other products. I hope Aerosoft manage to reverse this trend of treating the customer as the enemy, because as it stands, I see absolutely no reason to purchase anything from them over their competitors.
  5. I have to say that perhaps you've got the wrong addon if a few spoon feeding relatively short videos feel too long for you. I mean no offence by that btw. We don't all have time for this sort of thing - but mid to advanced tier add-ons require a decent amount of study until you've got the basics down. Flight plans require a fair bit of pre requisite knowledge imo.
  6. I believe you're in danger here, perhaps, of the 'Curse of Knowledge', and not remembering what it is like to know nothing. If it was not possible to include more detailed instructions than the tutorial, then the tutorial would include a complete introduction to the fundamentals of aerodynamics akin to PPL requirements, full knowledge of VFR procedures, IFR procedures, emergency procedures, ATC phrasology, meteorology etc etc. I say this not to be pedantic, but in my job as a programming coach I'm aware of the danger these sorts of comments can have. The tutorial is enough information for someone familiar with all of the above (or perhaps, a little less). Telling the OP the tutorial has enough information is potentially going to dishearten someone without the adequate pre-requisite knowledge. To the OP: Jumping into a high fidelity complex airliner is, imo, not the way to start learning. You're asking for difficulties. If you have a 'lack of knowledge' of airplanes as you put it, you'll need to start by filling that gap, or you'll have to abstract too much information to be able to use the simulation correctly. Look into the basics of VOR and GPS navigation, pattern flying, weather etc. Happy to help with links.
  7. Many thanks all. Turns out my zoom level was at default (which I believe is essentially FOV). For whatever reason (presumably because it's pretty, albeit not functional), Asobo opted to have the default zoom level essentially look like a fish eye lens.
  8. Hey all, I usually play DCS but I bought MSFS with the CRJ. I've tried multiple camera views, zoom level etc, using the "close" camera., But no matter what I do the view is fish eye lensed and I feel like I can see much more than I should. The MFDs are very far away and tiny. I'm guessing in reality you're far closer to the dash with a more limited fov? Can anyone help me resolve this please?
  9. Noticed the website is starting to slow down a lot, guessing you guys are getting some traffic!
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