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  1. I purchased the CRJ on the first day of release but have been away from my pc ever since. I can't find where to start the Super Simple Aerosoft Updater. I purchased directly from Aerosoft. 16 Mar 2021 17:38:00 Order No. 1120305092. Can someone please assist me? Regards, Ray
  2. I have win10 and the CRJ 550/700 with no updates to date. I purchased the CRJ on day of release directly from Aerosoft, but have been away from my pc ever since. Using the Windows Start button, I only see two choices under Aerosoft Aircraft CRJ 550-700 - Manuals and Uninstall. Can you please point me to the Updater? Regards,
  3. New repaint is ready for downloading. Here is a link for major airports on the islands. My first run is from Kauai to Maui. Short but sweet with an overfly of PHNL Honolulu Intl. Thanks to riskas123 for knocking out this unique and custom repaint prior to the release of the CRJ paintkit. https://www.wheretraveler.com/hawaii/hawaii-airports-guide All the MSFS airports need some updates. Make your wishes known and hopefully we can create some interest iin the developer community. Ray livery download link
    Just downloaded it and am firing up the sim to check it out. It is great to have the Hawaiian colors flying on a CRJ. Thanks a million for this repaint - way earlier than I was expecting. More later. Ray Ist Hawaiian Islands flight is from Kauai (Lihue) to Maui (Kahului). Short flight but, I get to overfly Honolulu Intl and show off our new CRJ. Looks like it belongs here. Thanks.
  4. Absolutely. Total freedoms are fully expected. Lots of folks will be flying the Hawaiian Islands when this livery is available.Thanks. Ray
  5. Hello chemesherpa, I have a very similar setup of the Saitek/Logitech gear and I have SpadNext. Have you made or found a CRJ Profile for SpadNext? Regards, Ray
  6. Interesting concept. Thanks for sharing. Do you have the full hardware package? I am waiting for the Add-ons to be delivered. Regards, Ray
  7. Would someone that is happy using your Airbus TCA hardware with the CRJ post your Sensitivity Settings (curves) for both the SideStick and the Throttles Quadrant? This would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Ray
  8. I finally have my TCA throttles working close enough to stop messing with them any longer. However, I am near clueless on what the preferred Sensitivity Settings for the two throttles should be for this CRJ setup. I also would like to be better informed (also near clueless) on the GAP settings. I see a fairly large range of settings available using the EFB Calibrate Throttles page. Not that this is recommended or even correct, but, these are the numbers I am using today and they work better than anything I was using previously. The quadrant IN THE SIM is still a little jumpy at times and the alignment between the two thrust levers aren't always perfectly matched, but, they are certainly close enough to move on and learn to fly this wonderful new CRJ. I started with the Options/Controls/TCS Q-ENG 1 & 2 in the basic MSFS sim and reassigned the two Throttles from the (0 - 100% setting) to the Throttle Axis 1 and 2 setting for both throttles. First, delete the two existing assignment using the 0 - 100%. Make sure you are assigning Joystick L - Axis X for #1 and Joystick L - Axis Y for #2. See image below. It is important to NOT CHECK the Reverse Axis box here. I RESET the X and Y Joystick L -Axis curves to be totally linear. (for now) SAVE your file now. There is a lot of bogus and bad suggestions throughout this thread. My suggestion is to try it and see what works for you and if the movement is backwards then try the other setting - it is either checked or not checked. btw, the movement of the throttle is actually reversed in the Options/Controls view in the basic MSFS sim, but, is correct in the CRJ. (go figure). OK, after watching a bunch of videos and reading every post in this thread, duh, I decided these were the working number for me using the EFB calibration page in the CRJ. As stated above, I don't know how the GAP numbers affect the settings, these, do not return any errors on the Validation check. Max Power 16384 / 16384 TOGA 6633 / 6468 Climb 301 / 394 Idle -8382 / -8586 Rev Max -16384 / -16384 Yes, I do notice the #1 and #2 numbers do not match and THAT IS INTENTIONAL. I tweaked the numbers so the IN SIM view would appear to match. This may create a problem in flight, but, I have to learn to fly before fine tuning N1 to less than 1 percent settings. This might be corrected using the allen wrench and adjusting the physical movement of the TCA hardware. I am just not ready for that level of adjustment, yet, maybe another day when I better understand the small glitches. This may also be solved by adjusting the sensitivity settings, who knows? As you may have heard - "your mileage may vary, use at your own risk". Regards, Ray Good luck.
  9. Jay 340, thanks for your post and video. This was very helpful for me, especially showing the selection of the detents on the Airbus yoke. Do your detent settings match with the detent markings on the Sim yoke? Could you explain, maybe show, your new Sensitivity settings? Regards, Ray
  10. Hey Gang, you almost have to checkin every day at www.flightsim.to to see the new CRJ liveries being added. Looks like 4 or 5 every day, some really, really sharp ones. You can request a specific livery, just look up front - more than 3,000 total repaints are in the kitty already. The NWA Express - Pinnacle Airlines is one of the sharper one showing up today. A nice Skywest is available. Check out all the freebies. Ray
  11. Thanks for the update. Yes, I understand how it is done and also how time consuming it can be and also how frustrating it can be when you can't find what you are looking for because it was stuck in an unrelated area with zero documentation. Good Luck, it will be long time before the community slow down on requesting liveries, then the 900 and 1000 show up. ha.
  12. Yes, I do and that is what I am working with. It is more of a learning curve that anything else. I'm sure someone will make a video soon that explains and shows how overcome the jittery and jumpy thrusts and throttle movements. No Problem.. thanks. Ray
  13. I think my Parking Brake interference was coming from the 3rd party addon Pushback Helper. For the last few flights in the CRJ I haven't experienced any problems operating the PB. Now I am occupied trying to resolve issues with the Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant. I have the throttles moving in the sim, but, not totally accurate or totally matching the detents of the CRJ. The plane actually backs up when the throttles are at Idle. The step by step with the short videos help a lot, but, I must have 3 or 4 profiles now. Once I get one that I like I guess I can delete all the others. One suggestion is that someone publish the unique numbers for each detent. Something like 16384 Full Throttle, 8732 TOGA, 1115 Climb, 0 Idle, -16384 full reverse thrust. These are close but could be closer. The plane still backs up when the throttles are at Idle. Regards, Ray
  14. There is an update to this scenery at the Marketplace. Use the Content Provider to get the latest update. Ray
  15. Thanks for providing the download link for the correct file.' Regards, Ray
  16. I’m not sure, but I suspect that an external program is messing with the Parking Brake. Could be the Pushback Helper that has a Parking Brake control toggle built in. I seriously doubt the Chocks have anything to do with the problem, but, , we don’t know the code. Surely Shirley there have been enough Parking Brake complaints that identifies this as a problem to be looked into. Regards, Ray
  17. Page 3-1-5, vol 3, Tutorial Flight. The only FLT file in my \data\documentation folder is a flight to Paris, not Munich as expected. Any ideas on how I should proceed? I really would like to have the correct tutorial flight data. the installer also provides a situation file, which can be loaded from the ‘World Map’ menu in MSFS. The file is placed in directory: <MSFS-Content>\Community\aerosoft-crj\Data\Documentation
  18. An all white (blank) livery is available for download here. Aerosoft CRJ 700 Blank • Microsoft Flight Simulator The list of new liveries is growing rapidly. I wonder what they are using for a paintkit. Regards, Ray
  19. Chocks were removed according to checklist. I am ready for taxi with a stuck parking brake. I think I have checked everyplace that can be checked.
  20. Where is the Environmental Slider located? MSFS or EFB? What is the default setting? Thanks. Regards, Ray
  21. I have.the Airbus TCA OFFICER throttles and SideStick which are only partially working (must change key assignment to NOT use the (0-100%) that works on all other add ons. I also have all the Saitek/Logitech large panels and 8 Flight Instrument Panels that are not supported. I will wait for SPADNeXt to take a shot at the CRJ. Regards, Ray
  22. I am experiencing EXACTLY the same problem with the locked Parking Brake. A Mouse click animates and repositions the Parking Brake handle on the pedestal, BUT, the green CAS message remains ON and says Parking Brake On. This message moves in stacking order but always returns and the plane will not move. it seems like another controller, key binding, or other conflict is present. I have searched but not found the conflict. I was not able to find this url for CRJ support so I opened a support ticket a few hours after purchase yesterday. No help so far, just 2 emails requesting more details that were included in the first email 😑 which sim, win 10, pc specs, etc. Regards, Ray
  23. Thanks for sharing your story. I enjoyed reading it very much. I do indeed hope we see an Aerosoft CRJ200 and/or 850 one day. Regards, Ray
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