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  1. Is the 1/2 bank working for you at all ? at mu last flight it was still 30 devrees at FL370 with button on
  2. It happens at certain crosswind ANGLE. Also not in heading mode ... just in nav mode (calculating crosswind to stay on course .... so wind related )
  3. Yes i have the same most of the time i need to go to another page and then the clear works
  4. I can confirm that fully read back the clearance and set in FMS ... works 100% for me now
  5. Actually i had an 8.4 trim on the EFB initially. Second press ended 6.2. And that is what i used. now 8.2 is the opposite of “glue” but i supose it can happen the other way around also.
  6. @JRBarrett @Hans Hartmann Okiedokie ... thanks for the test 👍 thinking of it ... since the trim text is not adapted ... perhaps that is causing people to take off with incorrect trim settings !!! Perhaps causing the “glued to ground” complaints i have been seeing for example. i think this might be an important bug.
  7. @JRBarrett @Hans Hartmann I have noticed that when I press the "send to sim " button 2 times .... the CG icon changes position also 2 times in the EFB ( despite the numbers being equal .. not adapting in. any way ). After the 2nd time ... it will not move anymore and all looks loaded correctly. Could it be that people need to press 2 times and things will be correct ?? Used 55 pax ... 1400 KG freight ... 4800KG fuel. Can not check myself the next few days unfortunately.
  8. Lol now we know where the better fps came from 😬
  9. @Hans Hartmann @Mathijs Kok Hi Hans / Mathijs Is see more and more separate forum post describing these same issue. Is this on the scope ? I did not find a response to any of those posts ( perhaps overlooked ). Do you need help testing or something ?
  10. What wind ? because others posted other directions also
  11. This is the same wobble effect some of us had on cruise alt ... glad it is finally captured on camera 👍 It has nothing to do with latest patch though. It happened before
  12. yeah plenty of people now reporting i think in various topics
  13. @Thx1137 @Hans Hartmann @Mathijs Kok Yes 👍 that is why i am pretty sure it has to do with wind. i did correct with heading ( no issue and no wind compensation ). As soon as LNAV was on it happened again ( there is a wind compensation)
  14. Hi Hans thanks for checking. The initial poster was not flying north according his drawing ... but could be. the think is that the plane was backing slightly ... “against a wall”. That is weird on its own because i do not think an airline is banking to compensate wind. Then suddenly “the wall gave in” but sure ... the wall could be the “360” hope you can find something out thanks for the time
  15. @Hans Hartmann Yes that is what i told in my first post ... there is a striking resemblance in what we show. BUT ... I personally think it is more the tailwind from the lower left that is causing the problem. The wind hitting the plane in a certain angle and the plane can not cope / compute Like i said the plane is “struggling” against the wind ... with a slight bank ... and suddenly it crosses a certain stress lvl and it pops to a way more aggressive bank .. and then counter correcting happens .. etc etc .
  16. I think the picture is around 5 to 7 minutes of flight vissible. It struck me so i took the picture in case it happens more often. But did not dig deep. little navmap in this case is continually updating. This screen was taken between Netherlands / norway above north sea i will check if i can find out what scale it was.
  17. Same here EHAM-ENBR ( ENBR landing with strong tailwind because RWN17 gives CTD when selecting in FMC ) Noticed it started when I had a strong tailwind in a certain degrees angle. No problem first 30 minutes of the flight. Then I was at a waypoint and I was flying like 020 degrees and the wind was 230/50 ( something like that ) Plane kept flying with slight left bank to compensate.... after 10 seconds it "could not longer hold" and overcorrected to the left ( HARD ) .. and back again to the right. Then it started over again with the slight left bank compensation etc etc etc . I could clearly see ( slight bank ) it was struggling with the wind and it passed a certain "stress level " and overcorrect. This happened 6 to 10 minutes ( same as picture posted in first post ) THEN I was at a new waypoint and the plane change course to 330 degrees. So the angle of the wind hitting the plane changed ... and did not have the issue the rest of the flight ( 45 minutes ) The thing that strikes me is that the angle and wind was almost the same as initial post !! I bet it is a certain degree of crosswind that is causing the wobble
  18. Thanks for the response. Was not sure if there was a default profile to use. Again thanks for the response and time. one more thing ... would be nice if i could get a notification or a message when i had a response on the forum. Not sure if that can be implemented. now i basically did see by coincidence that i have a response. stay safe 🙏
  19. First read back clearance then FMC then pedestal then knob to 1 worked on my test flight and my issues are gone 👍
  20. just had the same issue .... all set correctly in radio and knob to 1 ..... IFR terminated. I will try only the FMC if possible like suggested above and see what that does.
  21. Hi Wondering ... I see in the manual it is 250 / 290 / M0.74 However in the cockpit I see 250 / 320 / M0.77 ( think its below the warning lights .. not sure how to call it ) Also in Simbrief I can select both options when setting up a plan. So what is the correct one ? or if both can be used .. under what circumstances ?
  22. Better to leave co pilot radio on (for NAV2 use ) ... does not cost FPS easily adaptable in the panel.cfg. no need for a “mod”. however i hope we get a button to switch the screens of in the EFB as requested.
  23. Not sure if it is the same but i already made a zendesk ticket months ago with Asobo ( cclosed in a few days of course) CLOUDS reduce speed with me ( no icing it ) when i enter a cloud speed drops ... as soon as i am out speed picks up. Took me 1.5 hours once to try to climb to 15000 ft in a C208 through clouds with NO icing. again NO icing. Tested by me and several others not sure if we talk about the same issue... but perhaps u can check
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