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  1. I'm hanging out for a Caribbean livery as well. Air Antilles, Winair or any others from the area would be awesome.
  2. Really looking forward to flying the Otter around the Caribbean. Cockpit and externals look amazing.
  3. As much as I want to fly this asap, I'm hoping it'll be released after the 14th Feb. I'm not to sure how the wife will take my idea of a valentine's trip away for the day, only for her to then sit beside me all day flying. It's going to be a tough decision if it's sooner. 🤔
  4. As a new simmer I appreciate the extra assistance going into this for us to enable us to also enjoy it. Never touched flight simming owing to cost, but MFS means I can def' invest in planes and airports simply because of the value I now see in it. I do have a question though, is there a preferred aircraft to get some time in which would have similar flight parameters to the CRJ? At this stage I've predominantly flown the A320, DA-62 & the 787-X (around 140-150 hrs all up) so anticipating a few entertaining flights to start with when I roll down the runway. NB: Love the manuals, they're awesome and I seriously wish all the aircraft had them. Cheers
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