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  1. Speaking of videos... would you consider doing a video on diversions and go-arounds?
  2. Yeah, pretty fun . Can't wait for CYUL and CYYZ scenery
  3. Anyways... what's everybody's favorite approach in flight-sim? For me it's runway 32 in to Tivat, Montenegro.
  4. Odd question, but will we be able to open and close the cockpit door?
  5. So, what about the competition for guessing the release date?
  6. Only problem with having lots of having lots of planes is having to remember the procedures for them all
  7. For me it'll go straight to the QW 787 then the MD-11
  8. I believe that the SDK doesn't allow that yet, I think it's supposed to come in sim update 3.
  9. @Mathijs KokEarlier in the thread you said that somebody has guessed the release date correctly, does that still stand?
  10. There's a freeware in development.. but anyways this is starting to get pretty of topic
  11. Will there be any liveries with a weathered effect for the CRJ like this one for the Citation CJ4?
  12. We got this! I’m curious about how the engines sound.
  13. Not sure how I didn't see that
  14. Looks like we're done translating Vol.1 @Mathijs Kok The translators were @Q4simdred, @Alain HERBUEL, @HugoTro and I. Manuel d'Operation du CRJ (Francais) .docx
  15. Yeah, I love flying it! They've done an amazing job!
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