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  1. I know they don't operate them but I think an Hawaiian CRJ would look amazing
  2. @Mathijs Kok Just wondering, (if you can answer now) is the A318 going to have the steep approach modification in it like the FSX/P3D versions, I only ask as BA no longer have the A318 so I wasn't sure if you would remove it? Hopefully it will be there
  3. I might be wrong but I think they'll be 3 releases, the A318/A319, A320/A321, and A330, how long between the releases who knows, in terms of a bundle, I'm sure Aerosoft have said for the CRJ they will put all 4 models in a package when the 900/1000 is released so I would think the same will happen with the A318-A321 but that's a guess
  4. I'll deffo pop my head in and be round and about
  5. So no Aerosoft Fokker 50/70/100? I would love that
  6. He's doing a reinstall of MFS and said he hopes to have a video up this weekend although he might redo the last 2 episodes
  7. LEIB - LEPA? Its a fairly short flight and somewhere different
  8. Not all airlines do this, if fact most airlines I know off irl get the pilots to manually enter the flight plan into the FMS/MCDU especially on the shorter flights a CRJ would be on
  9. I can't find any evidence Air Canada operated the 700 just the 900, I'm sure someone in the community will do one Also, don't call me shirley
  10. I'm the same, I think it's because of how active the forum has been for weeks and now it's quite and we just are now waiting for release
  11. Mathijs did an article on a flight sim website last week and he said there's 8/9 liveries on launch but we could be surprised and I'm sure the community will paint loads For any new people in the forum we have seen; GoJet (United Express) Endeavour Air (Delta Connection) Skywest (Delta Connection) PSA Airlines (American Eagle) Skywest Airlines (Alaska Airlines) Horizon Airlines Air France HOP Lufthansa (2x Liveries)
  12. Good point - I need to know what time to schedule my Mathijs email for
  13. Unfortunately with anything in life everyone/everything has haters, I don’t get why people are negative but hey-ho, in this case if you don’t like the MSFS/CRJ just move along Yeah, looking forward to Airbuses previews (never got to fly it in P3D
  14. I’m sure most of us will be on the twotter and airbuses forums when they start to ramp up
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