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  1. True, it's only 1 click but it'll be good when hopefully it's removed, I think it's now on the top wishes list
  2. Great series, one thing I noticed which is great is the logbook menu pops up after turning off the battery. I know it's a small thing but it does annoy me in the A320 it popping up after turning the engines off, it detracts from the realism of doing a turnaroud
  3. Thedude did explain in the video, the 72nm range ring was where he calculated his TOD to be (24x3) and the 30nm was where he expected to be at 10000' (10x3)
  4. That actually made me giggle after a bad football match so thanks
  5. I would say probably yes, if you take the shorter 6 weeks, it will probably be in beta for 3-4 weeks so 2-3 weeks for everything (modelling/coding) *seems* a bit short, I would say potentially the 900/1000 were modelled around the time of the 550/700 but that is a guess,
  6. I'll join you, I think there's needs to be a couple of volunteers On the note of the team, we (the customers) do need to give you a massive thank you, we've seen and heard the stories of Hans, Stefan and everyone else working long hours to get the project done, like everyone else here, I can't wait to get many hours behind the yoke. I'm sure this project is going to be a massive success and a great indicator for the next decade or so of flight sim so thank you @Mathijs Kok and the team!
  7. On page 8, this was said, On FSX, they made all Types: -Wheel -Wheel/Skis -Ski -Amphibian -Floats -IFG (Intermediate Floatation Gears) (AKA Bush Tires, the Big ones) Mathijs responded by saying "Indeed,. might not be all in the initial release though, we'll see."
  8. We all need to meet up and overload an airport
  9. Now I see why you didn't release a time now haha
  10. Yeah no problem, I was more just quoting the article you did with @Abriael and speculating based off what we have seen so far in the forum
  11. Mathijs did an article on a flight sim website a couple of weeks and he said there's 8/9 liveries on launch. These are the liveries we have seen previews of in this forum, we haven't seen IBEX but someone has said it's the first one they are painting; GoJet (United Express) Endeavour Air (Delta Connection) Skywest (Delta Connection) PSA Airlines (American Eagle) Skywest Airlines (Alaska Airlines) Horizon Airlines Air France HOP Lufthansa (2x Liveries)
  12. What will probably feel like the longest week ever lol, I can't wait for next Tuesday
  13. @Mathijs Kok Will there be posts this week about the release time for next Tuesday and a feature list or do we need to wait till release day?
  14. It should be in both stores, I don't know the difference in terms of where the money goes although I'd say Microsoft will take a cut of all profits from the marketplace. Also buying from the AS store will be better for getting updates quicker etc
  15. Ok no probs, just have to stick to printed checklists
  16. If this is possible it would be great for putting FS2crew checklists in
  17. Yeah I agree, I am using the PMP 330 as a stop-gap but we deffo need long hauls in the sim, all 3 packages will be in my hanger day 1
  18. Yes the A320 from fbw is good but I'm missing the A318, A319 and A321 and the ceo version of the A320, so can't wait for them all
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