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  1. Yes you deffo have a point, some of us are more AvGeeky than others, being from the UK I know the US regional carriers, but I've been into Aviation etc for close to 2 decades, if we were talking to anyone other than a pro YouTuber than yes not knowing American Eagle is fine but he is a pro-youtuber who's got the product early to review and therefore should do research
  2. There's a checklist in the EFB but do you mean where it shows you to look? I know what you mean, I guess the point is, if Aerosoft trusts you to do a preview video, maybe you should do your research as well
  3. I really want to see this, I picked DCA up last night with the landmarks pack and I really can't wait to take the CRJ in
  4. I'm not bashing, like I said I like watching Squirrel on truck sims but I have a PPL, my dad has his ATPL and was captain on a CRJ equivalent, squirrel may have a PPL and know about flying but if you watch his landing specifically the last 5-10 seconds before touchdown, 4 reds on the PAPI = go around, all I'm saying is his video hasn't showcased the aircraft in the landing phase as best as he could and coupled with the liveries gaf, his video isn't as serious for me as Filberts, thedudes or any other serious flight simmer
  5. I'm not trying to be mean, I used to watch Squirrel lots when he started on ETS2, but that wasn't exactly a stable approach and landing and probably nowhere near configured in terms of trim etc so I wouldn't read much into it
  6. Yes haha, I felt maybe as he was showing off the liveries maybe he should have done a bit of research but hey ho
  7. Just started Squirrel's video and I know he's not a flight simmer by trade but it pains me he thinks American Eagle is a fake airline
  8. So just watched filberts video, as always was a good video, his negative points, is it possible to get the dude or another CRJ pilot to comment on whether the actual aircraft is like this (although they are really minor points)
  9. Haha yeah, tbh there's nothing to talk about atm, although I'm having internet issues which today is the last day I wanted them!
  10. There's 8 manuals that are already available to download
  11. Very interesting, I'll definitely look into this
  12. I spotted some leaked CRJ content in a FSElite post and posted on the forum
  13. I wonder how many of us are sending an email to Mathijs for our copies So @Hans Hartmann will there be a new thread for the 900/1000?
  14. Lol why not (look at that I've hit 200 posts in the thread ) luckily I have no work on today so I'm really excited
  15. Unfortunately some airport websites aren't as user friendly as others, but thankfully some have them on their home page
  16. This is a good shout, although gate wise I only find it populates for US/Canadian airports, some European airports have the terminal, another way is going on the individual airport's website and searching on there where the airlines parks
  17. I heard 550 copies but might increase to 700 (CRJ 550/700 joke)
  18. There's a competition going on to guess the time of release (well the time the first copy is sold) so I doubt any release times will be given and you'll just have to wear out your F5 key
  19. Depends what time I get my hands on it but I'm doing KPDX-KSBA-KPDX Mathijs said we'll find out tomorrow but I did post a list a few pages back showing the liveries we have seen as previews so hopefully that gives an indication
  20. I would always buy directly I would stay clear of the marketplace especially for aircraft until at least it can release updates within a day or two of the main vendor,
  21. A C17 can do a tactical decent. Surely this can too
  22. Sorry not the top (last time I checked) but the top 10
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