We are looking for two additional A330 pilots to join our advisory team.  We will ask for credentials (sorry for that), but if you are willing to assist contact us on mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com

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  1. I think the majority prefer short to mid over long hauls, I do like a good long haul (I get more jobs/work done in the cruise ) I am desperate for a long hauler in MSFS, so much so I would pay a 500% price increase for it now. Hopefully we see the A330 or another long hauler sooner rather than later
  2. Mathijs has already said he's got one planned for released at the end of the year. But that could always change depending what happens.
  3. I can on see one other payware for Hamburg? flight simulator is like any other market where competition drives down prices otherwise airports would be a lot more expensive, plus different developers offer different levels of detail/better quality for money etc. Another thing to bear in mind is airports like these take months/years to build, and are not announced until release/quite far on, therefore developer A and B could have started work at the same time and don't know that each other are on the same project until one is announced by which point in 99% of cases, it makes more financial sense for both projects to continue
  4. (sorry for speaking english in a german thread, I can read German but still learning to write it ). I'm having a lot of CTDs, for aerosoft's products, is it just the CRJ that has WASM modules or do airports have them as well?
  5. That’s really great to hear, hopefully that continues for the 900/1000, Airbuses and Otter, I for one will buy everything you guys release
  6. Hopefully we may see see an event now and again specifically in favour of the CRJ
  7. Sorry, what I meant was there’s nowhere near the amount of CRJ’s (and operators) to be comparable against the A320 of 737NG families (and operators), also for example with COVID the statistics from Fllghtaware are more favourably to the CRJ, for example what I noticed on flightradar24 is during COVID, US domestic travel hasn’t really declined compared to Europe it’s basically now 20% of what it was before, here in the UK it’s pretty deserted and easyjet/Ryanair alone have basically there entire fleets grounded, which they have 500+ A320s and 737s between them thus if they were airborne the 1 CRJ for 5 A320/737 would become 1 for 15 etc, but yes there’s definitely more opportunities for the A320 and 737 etc Also to note is Europe has a different network to NA and we have don’t have the regional airports the US have so for example in the UK we have Doncaster Sheffield airport which is probably the same size as Burbank (Burbank may even be bigger in some aspects) yet Burbank only has the major airports as destinations where from Doncaster you can fly to a lot of the same destinations as Gatwick for example. Therefore regional jets are not as common in Europe compared to the US. Sorry if I sound argumentative, I’m not trying to be at all. I just mean there’s a lot of factors to answer the OP’s question, one being the time of day, like if you were to log onto VATSIM at 1900z most traffic would be in Europe and therefore not many CRJs, but if you log on at 0300z the traffic will have shifted to the US and you’re more likely to see CRJs
  8. I'm sure if they could they would, re-reading what Mathijs said and the way I see it, the issue is they haven't found official data for the CRJ takeoff and landing speeds for airports over 6000ft. therefore if they could make the EFB work for higher airports, it would give the wrong speeds and that's where issues happen
  9. Personally I see a few on VATSIM every time I'm on, like today I did 4 sectors in the CRJ7 and bumped into 4 or 5 other CRJs. Another thing is the CRJ is not commonly used in the real world and I have seen over many years that VATSIM tends to mirror this, what I mean is the majority of people on VATSIM use the A320 and 737 as they are the most common types/there's a lot more routes possible followed by the 747/777/A330 and jump into the CRJ/DH8D adhoc for a change of pace, and when a new aircraft is released everyone flies that then after a week it falls into the same pattern.
  10. I've just had a voiceattack as i've not heard of it but it looks like you can only add voice commands like gear up etc, where FS2Crew is custom built for each aircraft and basically you have a virtual First Officer next to you who does all everything a first officer would do irl, and then reads out checklists for you to respond to (if you have the voice control edition), FS2Crew adds a multi-crew expirience
  11. Just to clear my first post up, I should have put now the 550/700 is out, Bryan said as of yesterday "FS2Crew for the Aerosoft CRJ (MSFS – Voice and Button control): Working on it! Expect full integration and a true CRJ crew simulation" from the looks of it they're trying to get the FBW A32NX out first
  12. No, Bryan (FS2Crew) said he we waiting for the CRJ to release to finish to project, it's still going on. He posts weekly updates on Saturdays over at Avsim
  13. Firstly make sure you are the new update version, Also as Hoffie said, you are on the wrong sub-forum, this is the FSX and P3D sub forum, re-post your issue here https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/1025-aerosoft-crj/ which is the MSFS forum and you'll hopefully get more support
  14. Last post on page 193, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen another post somewhere else as well
  15. Thanks for HUD answer, it's really helpful and yeah I have the transponder on, not sure why it only works sometimes
  16. Haha, I am understating how patient I am, I check the FS2Crew forums every couple of hours for release totally forgot about GSX but defiantly needed as well
  17. To put it short. I'm glad I came back to flight sim, Aerosoft have done an amazing job, it's the most realistic my flight simming experience has been ever. Period. Also I think it's helped silence the doubters about the legitimacy of MSFS being put on the same level as P3D, Xplane. In my 10/15 years on flight simming I'm the most excited about the future of the hobby as if this is what Aerosoft can achieve with the first release for the sim, as techniques for creation in the sim improve and the ability to do other things for aircraft added, I can't wait for future aircraft as well, the bar for MSFS aircraft has been set high. I'm just patiently waiting for FS2Crew to finish the realism off.
  18. This sounds like the idea behind PMDGs GFO, which mathijs said it will work with the CRJ when and if it comes to MSFS
  19. I've had this issue on my final flight of today, flying KBUR-CYVR, it's exactly the same issue as @BritishAvgeek shows in his video at 1 hour 47 mins, when I go the enter my arrival in the FMS, extra details are I was using a 3rd Party livery (not sure if this could affect anything) and it was my 3rd flight in the same session (although I did 3 sectors on Friday with no issues), I also followed the same flows and checklists as the first 2 legs so the aircraft was set up the same way (just hoping extra info may help you recreate it)
  20. The beauty of flight simulators is you can use them however you want, if you want to be ultra-realistic, go for it, if you want fun, go for it, maybe a compromise if possible is having an option in the EFB where you can increase PFD/MFD display fonts, like you can change the PFD colours and that should satisfy both sides
  21. Aha no probs, I had the same issue on my first flight and had to re-watch the dude's videos
  22. There's a switch on the lower pedestal below the Captains RTU push buttons called ATC SEL with 3 positions, it's defaulted to STBY, just flick into to position 1 or 2
  23. Aerosoft are hoping for the end of 2021 for the first Airbus (was mentioned in the CRJ thread a few days ago)
  24. I'm loving the CRJ thus far but have a couple of questions, rw CRJ/other airlines pilot, if you have a HUD available, when to you use it, all flight? Or just certain parts? Second thing, I didn't want to but this in support because it's not a showstopper and didn't want it to take away from people who are having major issues, but anyone who's flying on VATSIM using Vpilot, are you struggling to get Mode C to switch on through the aircraft? I have to enable it in Vpilot
  25. I took the CRJ for a test flight into KDCA (river visual runway 19) and it was amazing, defiantly worth the wait!!
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