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  1. Firstly make sure you are the new update version, Also as Hoffie said, you are on the wrong sub-forum, this is the FSX and P3D sub forum, re-post your issue here https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/1025-aerosoft-crj/ which is the MSFS forum and you'll hopefully get more support
  2. Beat me to it, so I'm going left field with Narsarsuaq (BGBW)
  3. Last post on page 193, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen another post somewhere else as well
  4. Thanks for HUD answer, it's really helpful and yeah I have the transponder on, not sure why it only works sometimes
  5. I miss MANX, used to go to IOM when I lived on the island with my parents just before they ceased operations
  6. Current estimation is Summer, see the post top of page 13
  7. I think a loganair or flybe livery would be great for Barra, and an Isle of Scilly Skybus, model wise, the float version would be great for using around the Maldives
  8. Haha, I am understating how patient I am, I check the FS2Crew forums every couple of hours for release totally forgot about GSX but defiantly needed as well
  9. To put it short. I'm glad I came back to flight sim, Aerosoft have done an amazing job, it's the most realistic my flight simming experience has been ever. Period. Also I think it's helped silence the doubters about the legitimacy of MSFS being put on the same level as P3D, Xplane. In my 10/15 years on flight simming I'm the most excited about the future of the hobby as if this is what Aerosoft can achieve with the first release for the sim, as techniques for creation in the sim improve and the ability to do other things for aircraft added, I can't wait for future aircraft as well, the bar for MSFS aircraft has been set high. I'm just patiently waiting for FS2Crew to finish the realism off.
  10. This sounds like the idea behind PMDGs GFO, which mathijs said it will work with the CRJ when and if it comes to MSFS
  11. I've had this issue on my final flight of today, flying KBUR-CYVR, it's exactly the same issue as @BritishAvgeek shows in his video at 1 hour 47 mins, when I go the enter my arrival in the FMS, extra details are I was using a 3rd Party livery (not sure if this could affect anything) and it was my 3rd flight in the same session (although I did 3 sectors on Friday with no issues), I also followed the same flows and checklists as the first 2 legs so the aircraft was set up the same way (just hoping extra info may help you recreate it)
  12. The beauty of flight simulators is you can use them however you want, if you want to be ultra-realistic, go for it, if you want fun, go for it, maybe a compromise if possible is having an option in the EFB where you can increase PFD/MFD display fonts, like you can change the PFD colours and that should satisfy both sides
  13. Aha no probs, I had the same issue on my first flight and had to re-watch the dude's videos
  14. There's a switch on the lower pedestal below the Captains RTU push buttons called ATC SEL with 3 positions, it's defaulted to STBY, just flick into to position 1 or 2
  15. Aerosoft are hoping for the end of 2021 for the first Airbus (was mentioned in the CRJ thread a few days ago)
  16. I'm loving the CRJ thus far but have a couple of questions, rw CRJ/other airlines pilot, if you have a HUD available, when to you use it, all flight? Or just certain parts? Second thing, I didn't want to but this in support because it's not a showstopper and didn't want it to take away from people who are having major issues, but anyone who's flying on VATSIM using Vpilot, are you struggling to get Mode C to switch on through the aircraft? I have to enable it in Vpilot
  17. I took the CRJ for a test flight into KDCA (river visual runway 19) and it was amazing, defiantly worth the wait!!
  18. https://fselite.net/originals/win-a-free-copy-of-the-aerosoft-crj-550-700-for-microsoft-flight-simulator/ For anyone who's interested
  19. I doubt it'll be there on release but someone will create one, I'm 99.9% sure SA Express did operate -700s
  20. Yeah, at times I have wondered who is in control, at the end of the day it's Aerosoft's product but this is massive for Microsoft as well, I wonder if the Twotter, Airbuses, PMDGs, Majestics etc releases will be like this or just this CRJ as it's the 'first'
  21. Probably not, Aerosoft have probably had a release time set in stone for a week or so
  22. The release was always going to be Europe/NA friendly because then Aerosoft are around for any teething issues on release
  23. Likewise DFW, hopefully we'll all cross paths on the other preview threads
  24. Probably not, last time I messaged Bryan he said he may have to look at it after the CRJ is released, hopefully it's not long tho
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