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  1. Looking good, things like these defiantly make it easier to buy/install/maintain products
  2. I can concur I have Ibiza and it's perfect, looks exactly like the screenshots, sounds like a file may have corrupted, as mopperle says screenshots will help, I have run Ibiza at both Medium and Ultra settings and obviously get better results on Ultra, but medium worked fine. Another idea is you may have a conflicting mod in your community folder, have you tried loading Ibiza with only that in your community folder Just a fyi, Heathrow is a handcrafted airport by Asobo so that's why it looks better than the other default airports, but still needs a big upgrade tbh to be the best it could be.
  3. Every real world pilot I've heard from (including me as a PPL/IR holder) has said the opposite to what you've heard (and there's r/w pilots who stream MSFS saying the same thing), the sim's been out ~a year and has been constantly improved from what is was at release. I think people's only reasoning for saying it's a bad sim is it doesn't have the high fidelity aircraft of P3D, which is changing at a rapid pace (i.e. we'll hopefully see all P3D aerosoft/PMDG/QW and some A2A products by Q3 2022). Another thing that doesn't scream "MSFS is a bad sim" is on other forums I have seen people up to 2 months saying MSFS is a bad sim...I'm never changing and now saying I'm changing to MSFS/or I've already changed and regret not doing it earlier. The point being MSFS is a good sim and is an option for people to use, you don't have to change sims (hell some people still use FSX and never upgraded to P3D) but don't expect or assume P3D updates or new products as like Mathijs said sales have tanked
  4. Rich, if I'm being honest, it's not just Aerosoft that will be slowing/stopping updates for P3D, you'll find most if not all devs will follow suit, with Asobo's constant updates (which coincidentally the next sim update should drastically improve performance, and the flight model is always being worked on, saying that the CRJ and DC6 flight model are very good), MSFS (whether people accept it) is the future, and P3D is *sadly* going the way of FSX when P3D released. Another well renowned dev (hint - big Boeing creator) has already said if they continue support for P3D, it will most likely be because of the commercial contracts and not the general public
  5. It's not that aerosoft don't want to bring a certain livery out with the CRJ, the issue is, the CRJ has many operators and they can't do a livery for every operator. So they pick liveries from the most common operators, adria is also defunct, so they're even less likely to get a aerosoft launch livery. Now your issue, having been in flight sim for a long time, issues like this aren't aerosoft's issue (Mathijs may disagree) when people create mods for aircraft (i.e. liveries) it's up to the creator to make sure they work with the aircraft, not the other way round, if every 3rd party livery didn't work, then it possibly is an issue for aerosoft, In this case I would ask the creator of the livery for help. Also not sure where you downloaded the adria livery from but I have 2 installed from flightsim to and they both work perfectly for me
  6. I'd be very surprised if it doesn't release in 2021, I can see a release within the next couple of months
  7. It was mentioned in a early page of the airbus thread that one airbus is planned/hoped for late 2021, so fingers crossed
  8. I'm going to play devils advocate, I do want to see the Twotter ASAP but I think AS is waiting for Asobo to add/change things regarding water physics and turboprop behaviour, likely being released in SU5. Then testing will need to be finished. I think we'll see the CRJ900/1000 in July, the Twotter in August and while I'm guessing the A330 in late December/January 22, I'll happily be proved wrong
  9. I'm sure this will be corrected if I'm wrong but firstly it's not guaranteed the 737 will release with a functioning weather radar (I'm on the PMDG forums a lot and the last I heard is they're looking into it but it's not certain it will be there on release) secondly I don't think it's possible still to implement a weather radar when the aircraft is programmed in WASM/C++, when it is possible, Mathijs has said it will be implemented.
  10. He might be getting confused with the first post on the thread, where the first person to guess it correctly got a free copy...I wonder if that would still stand if the person came forward
  11. A Seychelles scenery released yesterday from FSDG, it probably be on Aerosoft soon I guess
  12. Although I don't see a PMDG aircraft stopping the release of an Aerosoft Airport, I would agree EBBR isn't within an immediate release timeframe, based of Mathijs's "not far off" I still think EBBR is probably 3-6 weeks off
  13. I agree with LFPG, we need a good CDG, (MSFS already has a LEBL that does the job, I would rather companies focus on airports not on the market, rather than re-doing airports, unless they have a contract as Mathijs was talking about the other day)
  14. Also it's been stated and I can confirm, detail like this doesn't have a noticeable performance hit even in low-mid range PCs. So have an extra detail while keeping performance is a good thing imo.
  15. I’m sorry I didn’t take your Wednesday’s thread into account when writing my response, I thought your vacation quip was about your post 11 hours earlier which my point is still valid about the weekend and overnight, however the same sort of thing applies to your Wednesday thread. I say that because you started the thread at 06:06 PM on Wednesday evening and by 0930 AM Thursday morning you announced the issue had sorted itself, potentially (and this is my guess) I think the Aerosoft team would have logged on Thursday morning and saw a new issue but then saw it was fixed so therefore felt it wasn’t needing an official response and closing the thread was inevitable as that’s how AS track issues. I’ve noticed from other support queries that most of the support comes from the people that worked on the CRJ so certain deputy sheriffs may not have the right knowledge to assist. Sorry again for not taking the full situation into account, hopefully you get it sorted ASAP, with it being Saturday if you don’t hear anything today or tomorrow, hopefully @Mathijs Kok or @Hans Hartmann will see this on Monday
  16. No, it's called the weekend and even though Aerosoft do sometimes post stuff at the weekend you can't automatically expect it, and secondly you posted 11 hours ago, Aerosoft is a German company which means in the 11 hours since your first post, it has been night time in Europe and people will have been in bed
  17. That'll keep us busy for a while! and as always the progress looks amazing
  18. I second LFPG and LFLL for MSFS, not sure about the others as we already have LEBL, and the other 2 are already in the works
  19. Having spent my entire flight sim career flying mostly FMC aircraft I can't disagree with you (well I didn't take screenshots ), that being said now I am older and MSFS in perfect for lower altitude flying, I am defiantly going to do a lot more older-school flying with the twotter/DC6/any older school aircraft that may come our way.
  20. Ari, for the record, there's numerous articles stating Majestic are working on the 100/200/300 series, albeit they are currently not focused on them whilst they evaluated the newer MSFS platform, although this was as of 2020, which I think they are now developing for. That being said we are on Aerosoft's forum, and more specifically, the twin otter, so it's not fair to Aerosoft to detract from the twin otter by talking about another dev. If you think Majestic won't come through on their word that they will create the 100-300, then I suggest posting on the thread below, requesting that Aerosoft think about developing it.
  21. I'm sure the last Mathijs said was he hopes/has planned one of the airbuses for late 2021, but it's software development so could always change
  22. I think you're right. based off FSX and P3D the A320/A321 came before the A318/A319
  23. I think the majority prefer short to mid over long hauls, I do like a good long haul (I get more jobs/work done in the cruise ) I am desperate for a long hauler in MSFS, so much so I would pay a 500% price increase for it now. Hopefully we see the A330 or another long hauler sooner rather than later
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