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  1. 1 hour ago, TheInternetLad said:

    What is the list of all liveries and variants coming out? Also excited for the next previews


    On 6/23/2021 at 3:03 PM, Mathijs Kok said:

    You will like this list.


      • DHC6_100_FLOATER
      • DHC6_100_WHEELS_PAX
      • DHC6_100_WHEELS_CARGO
      • DHC6_300_AMPHIBIAN_PAX
      • DHC6_300_FLOATER_PAX
      • DHC6_300_SKI_CARGO
      • DHC6_300_TUNDRA_CARGO
      • DHC6_300_TUNDRA_PAX
      • DHC6_300_WHEELS_PAX


    Liveries (apart from the ones seen in the preview photos) will most likely by confirmed nearer release

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  2. 20 minutes ago, Aplato said:

    It seems like it may be temperature rather than wind that is causing this problem for the past day or so: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/wrong-temperatures/424391/16

    It is, (I've posted on that thread a couple times), it's very similar to a bug that was in FSX, I think although the temp is an issue, there's a wider issue with the weather system as a whole, as I noticed QNHs are off too

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  3. 14 minutes ago, John2 said:

    Yes, I think you are right that it something to do with the weather/wind. Asobo haven't quite figured that out yet. Happened to me again. Funny that I haven't yet experienced this with the A320NX which I have flown a lot recently.

    I only noticed it starting yesterday, and only flown the 320nx yesterday and today and is massively affected, i.e 0 rate of climb/no ability to increase speed, hopefully asobo fixes the issue soon, 

  4. 49 minutes ago, John2 said:

    Today I had a problem which may be related to this. I was cruising fine at FL360 at M0.73 and then all of a sudden my speed was M0.55. The autopilot then started to trim up to maintain altitude. Then all of a sudden the speed went back to M0.73. It could be weather but not sure what is going on. Will try to replicate.

    Another idea, are you using real weather, if so there's an issue with it today where as you climb the OAT rises instead of decreases (reminds me of the FSX bug), although this issue is noticed right from take-off, well for me anyway

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  5. 25 minutes ago, JarredP said:


    I hear you, but truth is, most of the MSFS sim crew is exactly that - CTRL-E "pilots", and whether we want it or not, those are the ones that buy products right now. Take a look at the MSFS market, it's filled with very VERY low quality products that sell like hotcakes. People go NUTS over the A320NX and that is just a very minor improvement over the default A320, but still they think it's a whole new development!! (Spoiler: It flies just as bad, and is just as unreliable).


    So, calm down and embrace the change because it is going to happen. Developers need to make money (they live from that) and thus they go where the money is and right now that's MSFS. I don't fly MSFS yet because i like reliable, technically advanced simulators so i'm all P3D, but i do keep an eye on MSFS development and as soon as 3 or 4 good aircraft are available for it, i will probably jump as well because it also looks and feels so much better and more realistic.


    It happened to me with FS98, FS9, FSX and will happen with P3D and, who knows, MSFS as well. It's only natural and called "evolution".


    It's fine if you want to stick to P3D, alas, tons of people still fly FS9 exclusively. What is important is that you do what you like the best, but understand the developers position.

    Jarred's point does some the situation up, however to add a few points, MSFS is not exclusively, CTRL E pilots, people like me who have been around since FS2002 and even earlier have made the transition (although my situation is a bit different). Also the reason for the low quality products is the time it takes AS/PMDG/A2A to develop for a new sim, and you have devs taking advantages of the market as much as they can before the proper addons arrive. I agree about the FBW32NX, not being amazing but is a tie-over until AS/Fenix get their A320s in sim and personally is a load better than the default but has a hell of a lot more work needed.


    The sim is capable of good aircraft already, as seen with the CRJ, DC6 and JF PA28s, MSFS as it stands will have all 3 PMDG jets in sim by Q2 2022, and QW/A2A/JF etc and new devs like Fenix are solely focusing on MSFS.


    Jarred's final 2 lines sum it up beautifully. MSFS is looking extremely likely to be the future but doesn't mean you have to change, but can't expect developments for platforms that are not viable. 



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  6. 36 minutes ago, Jori said:


    I'm so sick of hearing about MSFS. As soon as MSFS looses the interest of the armatures, Lockheed Martin will still be here... such short sightedness. I know sales have tanked... because there is a shinny new sim... but P3D will always be here... and if you vacate this space new developers will fill it and your loyal customers will leave and not come back!


    Jori, you have a wildly misconception of how the current swimming world is. Firstly if people leave MSFS the user base will still be higher than P3D ever was, a lot of hardcore simmers have already transitioned to MSFS, also it's been out 1 year...if the sim had any chance of dying, it would have already done, how do you know P3D will always be here, where's the guarantee? Don't forget P3D is a COMMERCIAL sim that was abused by many over the years and overlooked by LM, all it takes is LM for v6 (if there is one) to stop selling academic licences and it's no longer a sim for the general public. Also it's not just Aerosoft who are no longer developing for P3D, many other dev's are leaving P3D for MSFS. Aerosoft know what's happening, they didn't make the jump on a whim, they've been in business over 20 years, so they know what they are doing.


    21 minutes ago, Jori said:


    I have a suggestion for Aerosoft to make some money. Develop an A350 or A380 for P3Dv5+! All of you loyal customers are waiting to spend their money...


    You sure? Mathijs/Aerosoft doesn't think so, go look at other forums/fselite etc and look at how many hardcore P3D users are going, "I'm still using P3D but not spending anymore money, once the equivalent add ons are in MSFS, I'm uninstalling P3D".


    Look, use any sim you want, but don't be mad because the market isn't in your favour and is very much unlikely to change 


  7. 10 hours ago, Dr_Eddie said:

    Bought from the Aerosoft shop and installed correctly using the Serial Key provided. My settings are on Medium as my PC is a reasonably high spec. Intel 8700K 6 core CPU @3.7 GHZ, 16GB DDR4 2600 RAM GTX 1080 TI with 11 GB DDR5 Ram on OC profile. I'm getting 30FPS at Default Heathrow and it is incredibly realistic right through to the M25 motorway. I can get some screengrabs of what I'm seeing, at Ibiza so you can see for yourselves.

    My MSFS is 1.17.30 so bang up to date. How do I know if it is installed correctly ?  What are the minimum display settings one needs to use to see the product properly ? Where are the docs located, if any ?



    I can concur I have Ibiza and it's perfect, looks exactly like the screenshots, sounds like a file may have corrupted, as mopperle says screenshots will help, I have run Ibiza at both Medium and Ultra settings and obviously get better results on Ultra, but medium worked fine. Another idea is you may have a conflicting mod in your community folder, have you tried loading Ibiza with only that in your community folder


    Just a fyi, Heathrow is a handcrafted airport by Asobo so that's why it looks better than the other default airports, but still needs a big upgrade tbh to be the best it could be.

  8. 7 hours ago, 767333ER said:

    I'm surprised and disappointed everyone is getting ready to jump ship to MSFS. Everything I've heard from real pilots is that it is not a good sim and basically appeals to the kids that used to use FSX and Infiniteflight but found money for a powerful PC or for the YouTubers and streamers that think they know how to fly but really don't. Oh well I guess I can give up hope on much of the existing issues being fixed at this point.


    Every real world pilot I've heard from (including me as a PPL/IR holder) has said the opposite to what you've heard (and there's r/w pilots who stream MSFS saying the same thing), the sim's been out ~a year and has been constantly improved from what is was at release. I think people's only reasoning for saying it's a bad sim is it doesn't have the high fidelity aircraft of P3D, which is changing at a rapid pace (i.e. we'll hopefully see all P3D aerosoft/PMDG/QW and some A2A products by Q3 2022). Another thing that doesn't scream "MSFS is a bad sim" is on other forums I have seen people up to 2 months saying MSFS is a bad sim...I'm never changing and now saying I'm changing to MSFS/or I've already changed and regret not doing it earlier.


    The point being MSFS is a good sim and is an option for people to use, you don't have to change sims (hell some people still use FSX and never upgraded to P3D) but don't expect or assume P3D updates or new products as like Mathijs said sales have tanked

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  9. 4 minutes ago, keenrw said:

    Does this mean we will be seeing less and fewer updates/bug fixes for the Airbus in P3D? This is a little upsetting if its true as P3D (as well as Xplane) is my sim of choice atm, … I tried MSFS and although the graphics are fantastic the flight models and performance in some areas not so,..so  i have gone back to P3D and Xplane ,as a long time Aerosoft Airbus user this news is upsetting... i may have to bite the bullet and save for the completers Airbus.



    Rich, if I'm being honest, it's not just Aerosoft that will be slowing/stopping updates for P3D, you'll find most if not all devs will follow suit, with Asobo's constant updates (which coincidentally the next sim update should drastically improve performance, and the flight model is always being worked on, saying that the CRJ and DC6 flight model are very good), MSFS (whether people accept it) is the future, and P3D is *sadly* going the way of FSX when P3D released.


    Another well renowned dev (hint - big Boeing creator) has already said if they continue support for P3D, it will most likely be because of the commercial contracts and not  the general public

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  10. It's not that aerosoft don't want to bring a certain livery out with the CRJ, the issue is, the CRJ has many operators and they can't do a livery for every operator. So they pick liveries from the most common operators, adria is also defunct, so they're even less likely to get a aerosoft launch livery.


    Now your issue, having been in flight sim for a long time, issues like this aren't aerosoft's issue (Mathijs may disagree) when people create mods for aircraft (i.e. liveries) it's up to the creator to make sure they work with the aircraft, not the other way round, if every 3rd party livery didn't work, then it possibly is an issue for aerosoft, In this case I would  ask the creator of the livery for help. Also not sure where you downloaded the adria livery from but I have 2 installed from flightsim to and they both work perfectly for me

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  11. I'm going to play devils advocate, I do want to see the Twotter ASAP but I think AS is waiting for Asobo to add/change things regarding water physics and turboprop behaviour, likely being released in SU5. Then testing will need to be finished.


    I think we'll see the CRJ900/1000 in July, the Twotter in August and while I'm guessing the A330 in late December/January 22, I'll happily be proved wrong ;) 

  12. I'm sure this will be corrected if I'm wrong but firstly it's not guaranteed the 737 will release with a functioning weather radar (I'm on the PMDG forums a lot and the last I heard is they're looking into it but it's not certain it will be there on release) secondly I don't think it's possible still to implement a weather radar when the aircraft is programmed in WASM/C++, when it is possible, Mathijs has said it will be implemented.

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  13. 1 minute ago, DFWSupertrooper said:


    I don't mean this to sound rude, but, dude...are you high? 🤣  Has that literally ever been offered?  The craft that has gone into this is phenomenal and I am happy to pay for it!

    He might be getting confused with the first post on the thread, where the first person to guess it correctly got a free copy...I wonder if that would still stand if the person came forward ;) 

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