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  1. Thanks for the quick replay Hans! Yes, that's what I've done!
  2. Hi, I'm trying to follow the tutorial flight, but the flight plan file included in the documentation folder is for a flight from Paderborn to Paris and not Munich! Best, Jason
  3. I read on Facebook that Scan had a few in stock but not listed on the website. I called them this morning and got one, so I’ll be cancelling my Amazon order and won’t be preordering anything from them again!
  4. Amazon have quietly updated the Bravo product page with a release date of 28 Feb. 2021, so that sounds about right for the 1 March emails some buyers have received. I’m guessing the number of preorders far outweighs the number of units they’re expecting to get in that delivery.
  5. Over on the Honeycombe Flight Control Users Group on Facebook, one of the guys said Contact Sales told him that Amazon had received their first shipment of Bravo’s last week. Amazon told another guy that they were expected to arrive on Feb 28th. People who preordered before June 2020 seem to have a delivery date of March 1st now. I ordered in August, and don’t yet have a delivery date.
  6. We don’t know how many preorders Amazon has had and we also don’t know how many Bravo’s they’ve received. Some people who preordered early may have already got theirs.
  7. My friend who ordered from Scan had his dispatch email yesterday. His Bravo is due for delivery today.
  8. I remember reading on another forum (I can’t remember which) somebody had emailed Contact Sales and was told the container with all the UK Bravos was stuck in customs due to Brexit. I don’t know if there is any truth to that, but it wouldn’t surprise me.
  9. I don’t think Amazon has received their stock yet. According to this from the website of the UK distribution company, the Bravo will be available on the 26th: http://www.contact-sales.co.uk/SPECIALIST_PERIPHERALS.htm A friend ordered form Scan months ago and hasn’t got his either. I doubt anyone who ordered from any UK based store has received their Bravo yet.
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