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  1. First off, this is one of the best sceneries I’ve ever seen. Only issue I’ve come across is that the gold star next to the airport icon is missing on the world map. This is not a huge deal, but it makes it so much easier to find. Thanks, Alex
  2. Thank you Sascha, yes it looks like the update just hasn’t made it to the initial build yet
  3. I will do this today, but it shouldn’t have needed to be run, since I only purchased and downloaded the scenery late in the afternoon
  4. Hi, I flew into EDDB for the first time today and I really like what I see! I came across a couple of issues though: 1) Bump on RW25L/07R (looks as though this has already been sorted!) 2) ILS for 25L did not work for me - I used frequency 109.50 according to the Navigraph charts. Is there something I am missing, or is it not present? 3) In the MSFS flight planner, there are no STARs (at least for RW25L approach). Thanks, Alex
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