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  1. What about MS/Asobo? Think there could ever be a chance of them exposing an API so third-party developers could register custom actions in the "Controls" section of the sim's settings? The user could then bind keyboard/directx inputs to those controls. I vaguely recall some other sim doing it that way... (FSX maybe? I don't remember)
  2. SO! Missing my toggled thrust reversers I took it upon myself to write a plugin for Joystick gremlin. Just add it to your plugins, select the physical axis and button on the right, as well as the vJoy axis. Add a second instance of the plugin for the other engine, set the axes there as well... Then, in MSFS bind your vJoy device axes to Engine 1 and 2 throttle, like you would normally, and finally in the CRJ, turn on the hardware reverser axis and set your positions. In essence, what this script does, is take your throttle inputs, which go from -1 to +1,
  3. Its not about laziness, but more about immersion and functionality. Personally, having to click with the mouse breaks my immersion. Since the custom controls aren't bindable either, it breaks SimConnect connectivity and therefore you cannot completely control the aircraft via peripherals. At the risk of sounding like an idiot, some of these things seem fairly simple to implement, by having another layer between the MSFS controls and the aerosoft custom controls. I'm guessing its possible to read the MSFS key states from external code. Up until now I was able to fly all aircraft without using t
  4. Seems that the plane ignores some of the SimConnect events being fired at it. The lights and the NAV AP button to name a couple. Will this be unified with the rest of MSFS in the future or is this just something to live with? I use a Stream Deck XL for a lot of the cockpit functions and it would be nice to not have to use the mouse at all.
  5. Well... if its listed in the documentation - I can't find it. All the videos seem to either point to SimBrief or they just enter the plan manually. Would be nice if someone could shed some light on this.
  6. You can find a nice video on it here. TL;DR. just enter the origin and destination into the FMS' ROUTE field. So for Vilnius to Leipzig it would be EYVIEDDP.
  7. The goal is to still get notified for something important.
  8. Would be nice if the notifications for this forum post were for actual content and not people spamming it with how many posts and views there are. 🤔
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