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  1. I can confirm that it happens when flying in a northern direction. I did severeral flights between EDDK and LFKB. Going south the CRJ flies the LNAV nicely, the return flights always results in a lot of S turning. Altitude doesn't matter that much. Shortly after departure, while still on the SID it started to lose track already. It happened with a almost headwind and also slight crosswind of 42 knots.
  2. You just have to readback the atc instructions and confirm them. Thats all. Then you can enter whatever you want as a code and leave it in stby or 1 doesn't matter. At this point the device seems not connected to the sim.
  3. Hi! While on the glide slope the plane slowed down a little. I gradually moved the throttle levers forward but N1 instead does the opposite and tends to spool down, more than up. This resulted in becoming too low for the final. I checked the axis calibration in both Windows and MSFS, both seem oke. I hope this can be resolved for this otherwise beautiful modeled and flying plane. Greetings
  4. The manual throttle range of the TCA quadrant is way too small. Disabling the hardware detent system of the TCA and calibrating in the CRJ EFB with CLB on the TO position and TOGA between TO and Max power gives more room for precise manual adjustment and works best. And also like others mentioned, keep the curves linear. But even better: Since Aerosoft doesn't simulate engine failures and you can't taxi the CRJ on one engine, assign both engines to one axis. Thats the best precision you can get.
  5. I agree about the sound. For me not that it is too loud specifically but the rate seems too high. In the climb at a lower speed the sound is good. When speed increases the wind sound pitch gets too high and it indeed starts to sound like there is a leak somewhere.
  6. About the flightdeck noise, with this option on I hear someone coughing outside in drone view but not on the flightdeck. Maybe because of Covid (coughing only allowed outside}?
  7. I second this. There's a mod btw for small tooltips, they don't have to be huge.
  8. Some pages ago, his is what @The Dude said about it.
  9. Forgot about this: You can add a parking spot but only use the drop down menu for this. Clicking in the map will make MSFS recalculate things (esp. altitudes)
  10. As long as you load a plan from an external planner (like SimBrief) and don't change a thing in MSFS worldmap, it works quite well. I use it all the time.
  11. Now I also have a question which I didn't see in this thread, do the CRJ's still have CRT screens? If not is it possible to select LCD? I'm asking because I have a feeling that the display with curved text could have some effect on performance? In any case it would be nice to have a choice.
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