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  1. You do realise there is no auto throttle on the CRJ, it has to be managed manually
  2. MS Store for the sim, and the CRJ was purchased through Aerosoft. I am on a AMD based machine Ryzen 3800x, 32gb DDR4 ram, Radeon XT5700XP GPU 8gb. MSI Pro 570x M/Board. Hope it helps, as i know there's nothing more frustrating.
  3. Mine was like that before the recent updates, now it's behaving very well, with only a slight hint of a correction. All other turns are spot on. I think a lot of issues are just due to everyone's differing PC's (ie no two are the same) Same with ctd issues, a few months ago now, i was getting constant ctd's, along with some others. Yet a lot of people were getting non in the sim.
  4. Guys your in the wrong part of the forum for support. Post your issues in the Systems section which is supported and you should get assistance there.
  5. I have seen this before, and it's an issue at Microsofts end.
  6. It's what my understanding at launch to buy here as updates would be quicker, and not have to wait until MS got it into the market Place, seems it's changed since.
  7. Prior to this update i would agree, but being told we would have recieived the updates earlier by ordering through the developer has now gone. Yesterdays issues were a prime example. We had to wait until the update was launched on the Market Place. I also find it strange how the issue was caused simply by the fact that Aersoft only tested with dual axis throttles. I think you may find single axis throttles are more common out there.this covers the majority.
  8. Mapped Axis 1 and Axis 2, plus Axis, and my Thrustmaster Hotas 4 is working. This is on a single axis controller.
  9. Same here, throttle axis no out put at all (Thrustmaster Hotas 4) Also engines would not start unless i selected "Ready to taxi" and still no control over them. No problem waiting on a fix, i realise it takes time.
  10. I would be looking at your system, graphics drivers up to date?, no over clocking, temperature, are you using free ware liveries? addons? I have had the CRJ since launch and despite having issues occasionally with CTD's with other aircraft at the start (Sim faults now rectified with hot fixes) i have never had one with the CRJ, as i have never had any of the stuttering seen with other aircraft with the CRJ either. It sounds to me the fault is at your end somewhere. I know how frustrating it can be trying to find the issue...
  11. Don't worry, there's some very childish people that cannot accept reality...
  12. I take it your not upto speed with recent developments of the A320NX or it's systems
  13. A strange statement as currently the A320NX handles navigation better than the CRJ at the moment. No zig zag following the route, ILS hit everytime now, and even auto land. Please don't take this the wrong way, but is the current state at present.
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