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  1. Hello, I saw some similar issues: - I also noticed slow VS when on speed mode, for example yesterday I was climbing to FL240 at around FL140 with speed selector at 200. And the VS was around 1.2. But I decided to use 250 as selected speed the climb rate improved a lot. - So far I never was able to intercept the GS, but I blame myself, and tbh since last patch the ILS on a lot of planes have been a hit and miss. - The other issue that I had on boths flights was that after the las waypoint of the STAR the AP ignore everything, just continue like I’m heading mode. On The Dude video que uses HDG mode to intercept the APPROACH, so this may be totally my fault. But I do not have discontinuation or vectors selected on the FMS so I was expecting the AP to actually continue to the APPROACH waypoints (The legs pages and the mdf actually shows the correct next waypoint as active) Sorry if my explanation is a bit of a mess, English is my secondary language, feel free to ask me anything. thanks!
  2. Yes it does, you can check the EP. 8 and EP. 9 of the tutorials where he uses and explain it.
  3. I was about to say exactly the same. It's brilliant tbh!
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