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  1. I will try this tomorrow. I noticed before that there doesn’t seem to be any assignment for any of the ‘rotary’ buttons, but will try to reconnect I noticed before that there doesn’t seem to be any assignments for the rotary buttons, but will try to reconnect and see if that helps. Have to wait for tomorrow, but will report back. Thanks for the help so far.
  2. I have the exact same problem. Just set this up today and everything is working (well, except the ALT light is always on and none of the other lights for AP functions do anything, but it works in sim)
  3. did you get this issue resolved? Just got my quadrant and I have the same issue with the switches. They register when setting them up, but not when in the cockpit. Very strange, i cant figure out why.. had some issues with the throttle axis registering as buttons as well, but assigning multiple times seem to have fixed it. But something strange is definitely going on.
  4. “Ive got this! Now, how do you connect this blasted iPad clone to the internet...?”
  5. There is a funny little typo in the published article on twinfinite: “ If you do not get an APU fire in the first 250.000 hours of using our products we’ll refund you” (emphasis mine) That would lead to a lot of refunds I would imagine as I suspect the correct quote would be “If you do get an APU fire...” 😁
  6. Food for thought: nobody has said when access is provided for content creators, so there is nothing stating this hasn’t already happened but a embargo for releasing any videos. So in theory, they could be well into producing videos and releasing info rapidly when the embargo lifts. So *in theory* you could be getting bombarded tomorrow by all this, with release at the end of the week. by the sound of this discussion, its made to sound as if you will get told when youtubers get access, but it’s much more interesting when they have actual content, meaning they would have had access a w
  7. This topic turned less positive rather abruptly. While we all might not agree with this decision, there might be good reasons for it. While reading through, I have been wondering when this door was going to close, but it’s mostly been because of a growing trend I can only word as ‘nagging’. The endless questions has two sides, we as customers have been getting a lot of information, and that is a real plus. I agree with popular demand about this. Being informed has surely made more people anxious to get this add on. The other side of the coin is the nagging. When is the release, will it come
  8. Is there any possibility that the checklists could be marked with PF/PNF in the manual? (Of if anybody know of a source for checklists where its marked weither its the pilot or Fist officer that performs the task) I was thinking that maybe its possible to use VoiceAttack or similar to run through the PNF parts of the checklists via timed keyboard shortcuts. This way it would be easier on the Pilot(thats you and me) and more realistic in the process. But alas, I have no idea who does what on the provided checklists, hence the question if its possible to mark these somehow?
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