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  1. Hi, Which video to follow for thrustmaster 16000m joystick? thanks
  2. i have also had this issues multiple times. i am surprised that mathjis you are saying none of your testers saw this or came across this. my autopilot does the same issue the OP describes, even in clear weather, proper load and balance etc.
  3. Thanks did you also replicate the issue to “plain” runway 34 as well? (not the rnav)
  4. That was the same flight plan as well JRbarrett. (JANEK SEKAB SEKAB4) I even had it freeze when I just select plain old rwy 34 at YLW. I just ended up doing a tailwind landing on 16 that ils didn’t really properly capture lol
  5. hi this happened to me about 4 times. i updated crj, trying to do a flight YVR - YLW. while programming fms to YLW arr, get a CTD, specifically when i click RNAV34-Z was able to do this flight before update. thanks
  6. Thank you so much for the response. Greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi is it possible to “cycle” through the waypoints on the fms that displays on the MFD to see your route. sorry if very basic quesfion
  8. I think this post should be in FAQ, its not an immediately obvious thing.
  9. here is a nice video about it https://shop.justplanes.com/ca/Air-Canada-Express-by-Jazz-CRJ-705-_-Q-400/p/145681 btw, aerosoft and jp should do a collab on launch that would be cool!
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